Waterloo Region Sign Shops – Ranked by Google Reviews

  • Posted on: May 4, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Google reviews have become an informative way of learning about businesses and products. If a company has a Google+ page, whenever they are searched for on Google, a list of their reviews as well as their star rating out of 5 will appear directly on the search page. It's incredibly convenient and gives the prospective customer great personal insight into other's experience. There are several signage companies in Waterloo who use their Google+ page to give potential customers a look into their prior work. This article will discuss the current rankings of those sign shops in the Waterloo area, as well as give some information on their businesses. To view the available products and services we have at Westmount Signs, click here now!


"Westmount Signs has always stepped up to the plate to deliver all our printed needs and sign needs for more than 8 years. They help us represent our brand and have always delivered, even on short notice. They have even arranged special pick up when the store was closed and they ensure I am well pleased with the final product. They value getting it right for the client and they follow through to ensure we are well pleased! I highly recommend Westmount and am thankful they jump each time I call!"

- Brent Ferguson, CMO/Managing Director or Brentwood Livery

5. Signs Now - Waterloo (No Current Reviews/9432 views)

Signs Now on Colby Drive in Waterloo currently have no reviews on their Google+ page, but they do have almost 10,000 views. They specialize in areas such as window graphics, vehicle graphics, tradeshow displays, construction signs, decals, and wall logos and graphics. They've been around the Waterloo region for over 30 years, opening their doors in 1983.

4. Signs by McDougall (1 Review/5 Stars/ 3438 views)

Signs by McDougall, located on Weber street in Waterloo, has only had one current review on their Google+ page, but it was a very solid 5/5. If you thought that Signs Now had been open for a long time, Signs by McDougall has been open for a whole 13 years longer! They have been serving the Waterloo region since 1970 and have a wide range of services available, such as 3D letter signs, architectural signage, braille and tactile signs, labels/decals, memorial plaques, and more.

3. Sign Depot (No Current Reviews/ 25,367 views)

Though they have no current reviews, one can assume based on their number of Google+ views that people have heard good things about Sign Depot in Kitchener. They specialize in making traditional hand-crafted signs, and have honed their skills for the last 15 years to become experts in their craft. Their signs are unique and certainly have a traditional feel to them.

2. FastSigns (20 Reviews/ 4.9 Stars/ 13,064 views)

FastSigns, also located in Kitchener, has been given some fantastic reviews on their Google+ page. They just barely missed out on receiving a perfect score because of one 4 star review. They offer several services, such as framed signage, tents/flags/awnings, vehicle graphics, window graphics, and more.

1. Westmount Signs (23 Reviews/ 5 Stars/ 43,585 views)

WS-LogoSince opening it up in October 2013, no signage company in the Waterloo area comes close to the review and view rankings that Westmount Signs has been able to produce on their Google+ page. Maintaining a 5-star review rating after 23 reviews is an astounding feat, and it shows the satisfaction of our customers. Not only do we have the highest review rating, but we also have almost 20,000 more views than Sign Depot, which sits second at just over 25,000. We believe the reason for our high evaluation is that we are consistently keeping our customers needs first, and always deliver above and beyond what they expect. Here are some of the reviews from our Google+ page:

"Westmount Signs & Printing have always been my supplier of choice because they provide the best quality printing and signs and the customer service is second to none! They also provide great marketing advice, introduce me to potential clients and always have the best intentions for me at heart."

"Westmount Signs is always a great source for affordable and quality printing needs! From signage to posters to unique requests, they always do an outstanding job to ensure we are satisfied and that my business is appreciated. Their team is exceptional and always provide quality results!"

At Westmount signs we offer a range of products and services from the following categories:

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