Ground Signs

Exterior Signs


A lawn sign is best used in areas where a business would not be easily identified without a prominent sign. Some business locations are hidden from the road, or appear to be a residence at first glance. These locations must have some sort of sign at their entrance in order to attract customers. Ground signs are one of the most traditional types of signs, and are evenacceptable for use in suburbs and neighbourhoods, where a business often is located in close proximity to many homes.


Westmount Signs is able to aid in picking out the best combination of style, size, and colour for your ground sign, in order to best match your business, and get across to customers. You want to ensure that your sign is a unique and accurate representation of your image and identity. The experts at Westmount Signs are trained to create the best possible signs for your business.


  • Wood: Traditional look. Available in wide range of colours
  • Aluminum: Sleek and modern look. Available in several colours and finishes
  • Plastic: Professional, colourful, and weather resistant.
  • Acrylic: Thick and durable appearance. Resistance to all types of corrosion and weather.


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