Glass and Acrylic Signs For Business

  • Posted on: May 4, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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One of the services that we at Westmount Signs are proud to offer is our stunning glass and acrylic signs. These kinds of signs are known for their modern aesthetic and appeal, as well as their ability to help promote your business. The process of making these types of signs is much different than signs that are printed on paper or plastic, but the stunning results are certainly comparable, if not more impressive than Contact-us-bluetraditional signage. To view some of our other products and services, click here now. If you would like to learn more about our glass and acrylic signs, read on.

Frosted Glass Signs

frosting1 Frosted glass signs are a fantastic option to promote your business or to simply add a stylistic aspect to your workplace. Frosted glass signs are a very affordable way to change the look of windows to make them more attractive, or even add an element of privacy while still allowing natural light to enter a room. Using computer-aided technology allows for the designs on the frosted glass to be quite detailed, meaning that most logos and text can be etched with ease. If you're looking for a simple, yet cost-effective way to add some style or privacy to your workplace, our frosted glass signs are the perfect option for you.

Clear Acrylic Signs

Acrylic 1Acrylic is a wonderful alternative to glass, and can be used for lobby signs, directional signs, architectural signs, and much more. Acrylic has a much higher impact strength than glass, and unlike glass it won't shatter. Because of this, many people choose acrylic because of its safety appeal. Another advantage of acrylic is that it can be printed on directly, or can be used as a rigid substrate to attach print films like opaque and clear window decals, or backlit adhesive. At Westmount, we use CO2 lasers and a CNC router on our acrylic signs, which allow us to create very detailed shapes and cuts. The most common use we've seen for acrylic in internal signs is in office settings. We find they can give a highly appealing design to items such as room plaques, number signs, signs in receptionist areas, and even entire building directories. They also look great in professional service settings, such as at dentist, doctor, or lawyer offices. For exterior usage, these acrylic signs can be used as entrance signs, or as business signs in commercial business parks. Acrylic signs can be hung against any brick or concrete surface by using steel rods or brushed silver stand-offs to ensure that the sign is not placed directly against the wall. Whatever your need may be, Westmount Signs can find the right acrylic sign for you! AcceloratorWaterloo Accelerator Centre Project Last September, we at Westmount Signs had the opportunity to partner up with the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo to help commemorate some of their most successful graduates. The Accelerator Centre provides mentorship and programming to help entrepreneurs move their business from a start-up to a scale-up business. To view more on the Accelerator Centre click here. Accelorator2What they asked of us was to create a commemorative graduate wall that was both highly appealing, and contained the names and logos of their student's most successful companies. We ended up creating a wall of fame sign using our acrylic glass printing process, combined with brushed silver stand-offs, steel rods, and appropriate lighting accents. Our end result even ended up in the Waterloo Chronicle, which can be viewed here! [edit: link no longer available] Projects like this only go to show the aesthetic and creative possibilities available when choosing to create a sign using acrylic. To view more on this project, click here.

What we can do at Westmount Signs

"Have nothing but great things to say about Westmount Signs & Printing, The staff is fantastic, the turnaround time is amazing! and the quality of their work is second to none! I will continue to use them for all my printing and signage! Also they are working on doing signage for my vehicle right now, and I can’t believe how talented the graphics department is!! thank you so much!" - Eric Hoshooley, Owner, Thunderstorm Production

Whether you would prefer an etched frosted glass design, or a printed clear acrylic sign, Westmount Signs of Waterloo, Ontario, can get the job done. We have experience working with both individuals and businesses, and pride ourselves on being the only provider you'll need for affordable and professional signage. Contact-us-blue Sources: