The Importance of Business Cards

  • Posted on: March 9, 2021
  • by: S42Dev

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The Importance of Business Cards
The importance of business cards is even more relevant today as when it was first created over two centuries ago in Europe. As time goes on, digital identifiers are becoming increasingly common including emails and websites. There are endless options and tools that are useful for creating a digital footprint, but none that can replace the effect and tactile experience of a business card to mark your impending arrival or departure. Below is a list explaining the importance of business cards today:

The Lasting Impression

The Lasting ImpressionWhen handing out your business card, it is often the recipients’ first glimpse at your company and what you have to offer. The most common business card is a horizontal, double sided card printed in full colour. If you want to stand out, we have a variety of options including thicker stock, laminate or matte finish (ask about our soft-touch cards), and even a splash of foil to your logo. First impressions are crucial and there are limitless possibilities. Ask us about different options including custom designs and styles.

A Personal Connection

A Personal ConnectionThe two most common uses for a business card are to A) provide accessible contact information about you and/or your business, and B) exchange with another person’s card as a sign of mutual respect, opening the door for future interactions. A business conversation always precedes with handing out a formal identifier, so ensure that you card makes a solid impression. Realistically, it is common for people to forget names, but a unique business card will never be forgotten and hopefully remind them who you are.

Constant Reminder

Constant ReminderUnlike emails that can be lost from weeks, months, or even years of archival data, many professionals keep a physical collection of business cards at the ready. The issue with data is that it can easily be misplaced, deleted, corrupted, or simply lost in an ocean of digital records. Business cards are physical. You can touch it, keep it, trade it, even scan it (QR codes is an increasingly popular trend that merges physical and digital). It will forever exist in a personal rolodex collection, ready to be accessed again. Having a professional and creative business card will charm others to visit your business location, view your website, or make an appointment to meet.

Prepared and Organized

Prepared and OrganizedYou never know where or when you may run into a potential contact or customer. Always keep business cards readily available in your pocket, bag, vehicle, or on your office desk. Business cards are often the first exposure to your brand, and is one of the most important encounters in your relationship. Avoid awkward conversations like “let me put my number in your phone”, or “check out my website”. The person is likely to forget or find the experience unsavoury. Have a professionally printed business card from Westmount Signs & Printing. For more information or to chat about Business Cards or Printing, give us a call. We’re here to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us