UV & Laminate Coating

Digital Printing

UV Coating

UV Coating is done through a process that combines a polymer resin and ultraviolet light. Liquid polymer resin covers the product, and then ultraviolet light helps turn the resin into a solid. UV coating serves as a direct replacement for lamination and provides the following benefits:

  • Protective Covering (including against scratching and fingerprints)
  • Higher Vibrancy
  • Richer Colours

The coating is a glossy finish.


Lamination is the classic method of protecting printed materials. In either a hot or cold process (depending on nature of the material being laminated), a film is spread across the product. That film acts as a physical barrier between the material, and events such as water damage and physical damage. It can also help prevent against UV radiation damage such as sunlight. And the laminate comes with three different finish options to further enhance your printed item; Matte, Soft Touch & high Gloss


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UV Coating Pros:

  • Low cost per unit
  • No additional cutting/trimming is required after coating has been applied
  • Fast


  • Higher initial cost (one time cost)
  • Ventilation is required to protect from harmful fumes during the process

Laminate Pros:

  • Low initial setup cost
  • Low setup requirements
  • Optional edge seal to further weatherproof item
  • Different finishing options like matte, soft-touch or gloss


  • Higher cost per unit
  • Additional trimming may be required


UV Coatings or a Laminate will give you a distinctive look to stand out from the crowd. UV coating is the lower cost option but has a limited finish option of gloss, whereas lamination gives you the choice of finish such as matte, soft-touch, or a high gloss. Both add a good amount of durability to any digital printing project.


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