Custom Stamps

Streamline your business with custom stamps made by Westmount Signs & Printing. Our Modico stamp making system offers an eco-friendly and durable flash stamp, personalised with your text, logos or images! Why do you need a stamp? Stamps can save you time with writing repetitive notes, important document information or as a cost effective branding tool for paper bags and boxes.

Our Stamps Are Flash Stamps

Also known as a permanent stamp, which uses a flash-exposure unit to create a sharp even imprint. This type of stamp offers high yields 10,000-20,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked (depending on design).

Stamps for Loyalty Cards

Our stamps come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, download our stamp catalogue. Westmount Signs & Printing carries three vibrant indelible inks; Red, Blue & Black.


The best part about our Modico system stamps is the eco-friendly process. Stamps are made using light exposure without any emissions or harsh chemicals. And as a bonus many of the stamp components can be reused:

The Flash Stamp

The Ink Pad – Due to the clever design of the flash stamp, the ink pad sits on top of the exposed stamp plate, allowing ink to be absorbed by the stamp plate. Unlike other stamp systems that use embossed rubber plates, our stamps won’t leave any harsh imprints or dents on the ink pad. This means you can reuse your ink pad indefinitely, just by refilling the ink!

Stamp Case

The Stamp Case or housing can be reused by simply swapping out the existing stamp or ink pad and adding new ones.

The only element of our stamp system that cannot be reused is the stamp plate. Once the stamp plate has your text or logo exposed to it, we cannot change it or add to it. But we can make you a brand new plate, should you ever wish to change your stamp.

Let our team at Westmount Signs & Printing assist you with all your custom stamp needs. With our team of graphic designers, we can also assist with creating a unique stamp to suit your needs.

Popular stamp uses include:
– Logo & Reward Card Stamps
– Deposit stamps
– Thank you & Wedding Stamps
– Address stamps

Business Cards – Design & Style

Having a professional looking business card is of crucial importance for every company and we’re here to help you learn about design and style in order to make a lasting impression. Business Cards are often exchanged when first meeting someone, introducing them to your brand and informing them what your company is about. The first step is to determine your target audience in order to project a particular tone. Secondly, you need to determine what essential information you’d like to convey. Some key elements include your company name, person’s name and title, phone number, and e-mail address. Other important details to consider are your website, social media channels, office address and/or a slogan. Its important to keep a balance of practical information and your branding design elements.

Once the design is set, you’ll want to pick a substrate and finish. Need design help? Westmount Signs & Printing has a team of seasoned Graphic Designers and will be happy to create the perfect business card for you. Below are some of the substrates & finish options we have available:

Gloss Cardstock

Gloss Cardstock

The classic finish. This gloss cardstock offers you a sturdy feel and gloss shine to showcase a full colour background and images. Our standard base option is a 12pt cardstock, but we also offer thicker options at 14PT, 16PT and the impressive 18PT to really stand out.

Silk Cardstock

Silk Cardstock

One of the most underrated elements of a good business card is how tactile it is. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a business card that feels different. With the 130# Silk Cover, featuring a slightly matte finish, you’re sure to impress with this silky-smooth cardstock. As a bonus, this stock can be written on won’t cause smudging.

Uncoated Cardstock

Uncoated Cardstock

Take your business cards back to basics with an uncoated cardstock, providing a natural ‘paper-pulp’ feel. It can be written on or used as a stamp card. Its great for the eco-friendly business or consumer. Our 80 lb & 100 lb uncoated cardstock has a 30% FSC rating, meaning that it’s made from at least 30% recycle post-consumer materials. If you’re looking for more sustainability, Westmount Signs & Printing also carries the 100% recycled version available in 100 lb cardstock weight.

Premium Cougar Cardstock

Premium Cougar Cardstock

This uncoated stock is a premium option for those after a clean-cut card with a 14pt thickness. It’s known for being a crisp white, smooth to the touch, but still uncoated giving it a more organic feel.



Laminated business cards are a step up, giving your business card a 20-22pt thickness and lasting impression while credibly durable. With a laminate your card is protected and will last much longer than a standard cardstock card. Furthermore, the finishes available can really change up its aesthetic with hi-gloss or matte options, and for the tactile wow factor: soft touch.


Foil / Varnish

Last but not least, is the show stopper. If you want to get an immediate reaction from your audience, adding foil or varnish is what you need! Adding foil offers a unique metallic shine to elements of your business cards, and available in various colours to suit your branding. Having a spot varnish adds to the tactile feel and can give you a hi-gloss finish on elements of your card that will draw attention. For example, imagine a business card with splashes of paint on the design, with the splashes having a gloss finish on a matte card. Foil and spot varnish can also be used together, and with a creative touch can make your business card standout from the rest.

All of the above are great choices to design and style your business card, depending on which best suits your company’s brand. It can be difficult to visualize the perfect finish for your card, and we’re here to help. Our offices have samples at the ready. See what others are saying about Westmount Signs & Printing here. To learn about the importance of business cards, check out our blog post here. For even more personalized information or to chat about Business Cards or Printing, give us a call or email us at

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The Importance of Business Cards

The importance of business cards is even more relevant today as when it was first created over two centuries ago in Europe. As time goes on, digital identifiers are becoming increasingly common including emails and websites. There are endless options and tools that are useful for creating a digital footprint, but none that can replace the effect and tactile experience of a business card to mark your impending arrival or departure. Below is a list explaining the importance of business cards today:

The Lasting Impression

The Lasting ImpressionWhen handing out your business card, it is often the recipients’ first glimpse at your company and what you have to offer. The most common business card is a horizontal, double sided card printed in full colour. If you want to stand out, we have a variety of options including thicker stock, laminate or matte finish (ask about our soft-touch cards), and even a splash of foil to your logo. First impressions are crucial and there are limitless possibilities. Ask us about different options including custom designs and styles.

A Personal Connection

A Personal ConnectionThe two most common uses for a business card are to A) provide accessible contact information about you and/or your business, and B) exchange with another person’s card as a sign of mutual respect, opening the door for future interactions. A business conversation always precedes with handing out a formal identifier, so ensure that you card makes a solid impression. Realistically, it is common for people to forget names, but a unique business card will never be forgotten and hopefully remind them who you are.

Constant Reminder

Constant ReminderUnlike emails that can be lost from weeks, months, or even years of archival data, many professionals keep a physical collection of business cards at the ready. The issue with data is that it can easily be misplaced, deleted, corrupted, or simply lost in an ocean of digital records. Business cards are physical. You can touch it, keep it, trade it, even scan it (QR codes is an increasingly popular trend that merges physical and digital). It will forever exist in a personal rolodex collection, ready to be accessed again. Having a professional and creative business card will charm others to visit your business location, view your website, or make an appointment to meet.

Prepared and Organized

Prepared and OrganizedYou never know where or when you may run into a potential contact or customer. Always keep business cards readily available in your pocket, bag, vehicle, or on your office desk. Business cards are often the first exposure to your brand, and is one of the most important encounters in your relationship. Avoid awkward conversations like “let me put my number in your phone”, or “check out my website”. The person is likely to forget or find the experience unsavoury. Have a professionally printed business card from Westmount Signs & Printing.

For more information or to chat about Business Cards or Printing, give us a call.
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5 File Preparing Tips for printing

As experts in the printing industry, we’ve compiled a list of 5 File Preparing Tips for printing to greatly improve a quick return with expected results. There are dozens, even hundreds of print theories that are engraved into our Westmount Signs & Printing DNA, and these are but a few examples of common issues we regularly find in supplied production files:

1 – Design in CMYK, not RGB

Design in CMYKTo ensure colours are what you expect, it is best to design in a CMYK colour space. Your artboard on programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can be set to different colour modes, so be sure to check that it is set to CMYK. RGB is a format used for digital media (film, websites, social media, etc.) and certain coloured LED bulbs. Printers cannot completely or accurately replicate some of the colours from the RGB gamut when printing out in CMYK. Not sure how it’ll look? We can provide a physical printed sample.

2 –Use High Resolution images

Low Res High ResAlways use high-resolution images in CMYK at a recommended 300 DPI (dots per inch) to achieve that crisp and clear image. 150 DPI can be passible depending on the distance a person will be looking at an image (such as a lawn sign), but anything being seen up-close such as a flyer, menu, or business card should strive for at least 250-300 DPI. Low resolution images can lead to fuzziness or pixilation, causing unprofessional results. Click on these two frog visuals for a comparison.

When working with certain programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, images can be either embedded (saved as part of the file) or linked (connected with pictures somewhere on your computer). Remember to embed your high-resolution images into your print files and/or supply us the images so we can ensure the graphics are linked.

3 – Bleeds, Margins, and Folds

Use Bleeds GuillotineDo you want your images or background colour to go right to the edge of your print? You’ll want to supply your file with bleeds. Bleeds are a 1/8” extension of backgrounds at the edge of the document for trimming. Think of your graphics as “bleeding” off the edge. Prints are always cut in stacks through a guillotine. Bleeds ensure that any slight shift of the graphic will result in a decisive and clean trim. For a detailed illustration of what bleeds look like, click on this visual example with a bowl of rice.

In addition to document bleeds, keep an inner safety margin of at least a 1/8” around your document to avoid having any items possibly trimmed off. This is the same theory as using bleeds. Safety margins ensure that any slight shift of the graphic will result in a decisive and clean trim.

When designing a file for print, always consider your finishing options. If your menu or brochure is going to be folded, ensure that key elements such as text or images aren’t creased in the wrong spot. If a booklet is being coil bound, leave ample space for the binding.

4 – Spell Check your work!

Spelling Errors

Before you send us your print graphics, run a spell check! Avoid embarrassment and double check your text for grammar and accuracy. Having to re-print a menu with a pricing error is one of the most common mistakes. Review your entire document with multiple sets of eyes.


5 – Outline your fonts

Outline Your FontsComputers often have common fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. If your graphic uses a special font, outlining your text converts them into line art, which is ideal for print. If a computer doesn’t have your font installed, the design program replaces it with a different typeface and is often very different from the original. Outlined fonts are no longer editable, so create outlines as a final step and save it as a separate file name in case you need to revise text in the future.


We hope these 5 file preparing tips for printing have been helpful. If designing your own print graphics seem daunting, we have a full-service team of Graphic Designers able to create or modify all your print graphics, signs, and so much more. Call or email us today to discuss your project and how we can help you look good!

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Custom Notepad Printing

Custom Notepad Printing

In addition to our signage design and manufacturing, we also offer a wide range of stationery including custom notepad printing here in the Kitchener Waterloo area. Notepads are incredibly useful and chances are you already understand the benefits of having them at your desk. You may even have one stored in your vehicle’s glove compartment.

Did you know? Notepads are sometimes called scratch pads, memo pads, writing pads, or legal pads.

Taking orders at Ramen Rebels

Taking orders at Ramen Rebels

Most companies offer personalized supplies for their team be it office, retail store, or restaurant. They’re a balance of branding, style, and cost effectiveness. Notepads are incredibly affordable compared to the standard pens, cups, and apparel. They also make great ephemeral gifts or giveaways for your clients or passer-by’s at trade shows. What do you use Notepads for? Check out this custom notepad we made for Ramen Rebels who uses them to take table orders. Another common function is a shopping list. Add a magnet on the back so your customers can stick it to their fridge, displaying your logo every day! Traditionally, notepads have a logo and contact info.

Let’s get even more creative.

Here are a few unique ideas:

  • Use an unusual or bright stock colour
  • Get fancy with full colour & geometric design accents
  • Include lines & check boxes instead of a blank sheet
  • Have a unique shape (tall, wide, square)
  • Get festive with a holiday promotion or graphic
  • Use a watermark (faint logo or image on the background)

Custom Notepad Printing for your company is easy with Westmount Signs & Printing. If you don’t have your own print file, our team of Graphic Designers can help you create a custom notepad to suit your business. Let us know how many pads you’d like the number of sheets you’d like per pad, and if you want a cover for the top. Ask about our selection of recycled papers. Let’s talk notepads!

Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.

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Benefits of Buying Local Printing

Support Local

What are the benefits of buying local printing? In today’s fast-paced world, more and more consumers and businesses are ordering supplies online. This can be great for ease of use at a click of a button, but can be frustrating when things don’t go as planned and you don’t get those crucial printed materials for the key event or promotion. There are a number of shortcomings that should be considered when ordering items online. Have your online orders arrived damaged or wasn’t what you expected? Were your menus or cards cut at the wrong size? Was the text too small to read? Did you ever have to pay return shipping costs because of an issue caused by the seller or online printer? Worst of all… did your order arrive late? The list of potential issues can go on including tactile connection of an item, quality check, shipping complications, and more.

Supporting local is especially important when the economy is hit by a devastating pandemic. As experts in the printing industry, Westmount Signs & Printing takes quality very seriously and strives to ensure that your design, colours, sizing, and a fast turnaround are of utmost importance. Unlike an online program taking your order and assuming you understand design and print theory, we’re only a phone call away to clarify and advise every step of the way. Digital won’t warn you when text is too small to read. It won’t tell you an image will be blurry when printed. Programs don’t know you’re a person. We care. Local cares. Here are some in-depth benefits of buying local printing:

Full Control over Colour and Style

Colour and Style

Colour and Style

When dealing with colours, it is often hard to properly display exactly what you are after, due to the different colour spaces. A colour on your computer screen would show up differently on someone else’s. Android devices, iPhones, computer monitors, tablets, different brands, they all display colours differently. This is where printing locally helps, as it allows you to have a printed proof made in the exact stock and colours you want. You are able to visually inspect in-person and ask for adjustments.

If you don’t have time for a physical printed sample, our expert printers can tell when something needs to be adjusted and make informed decisions with your approval. When printing through an online service, machines don’t know what to look for and, quite frankly, don’t care. Mindless programs will print whatever is provided. Who’s to blame for errors? Order local. We’re here to help.

Rush Orders and Same Day Turnaround

Rush Orders

Rush Orders

One of the major benefits of buying local printing is the ability to do same day or rush orders! Whether you need cards for a birthday the next day or opening a restaurant needing takeout flyers, we always do our best to get your rush jobs completed on time and with superlative quality. When ordering through a digital service, orders are often met with unforeseen shipping delays and hefty shipping costs. These online services never, ever, have your order ready within 48 hours, or even the same day.

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Having your branding stay consistent is incredibly important. At Westmount Signs & Printing we take this very seriously and apply design theory on every single project. We strive to ensure your brand stays coherent across all your designs, whether they were ordered now or a year ago.  When dealing with an online printing service, you’re often treated as a new customer each and every time, so there are no checks & balances taken towards your job. As your local print shop, we get to know you, understand you, and know you prefer that certain stock, that you need your colours to match previous orders – keeping your brand integrity. Check out our blog post about logos and branding if you want to learn more about brand theory – It plays a very, very crucial role in every business. We look good when you look good.

Custom Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design

Our team of Graphic Designers each have decades of experience and can make nearly any and every aesthetic possible. We offer full design services from basic file updates to 1-on-1 consultations, to ensure your thoughts can be accurately portrayed.  This is a great way to present a professional image across your business, making the process easier if you aren’t a designer yourself. When ordering from online services, you are often expected to be the designer, given limited tools, and left with “cookie cutter” templates, drowning your brand in a crowd of generic designs. Be unique. Stand out. We’re here to help.

These benefits are all vital things to consider, and reasons why it is important to shop local.  Transform your branding into a professional, attractive, and consistent look, while supporting your local business at the same time. For more information or to chat about printing or brand theory, give us a call.

We’re here to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us

A Quick Guide to Menu Printing Materials

Here’s a quick guide to Menu Printing Materials. There are various kinds of stock—whatever you choose, your menu should be a reflection of your restaurant. Your exterior sign makes the first impression but your menu will do the talking.  Something to consider when planning out your menu is your online presence. Sharing your menu online to showcase your food is a great way to attract hungry customers.

Below are some of the different styles commonly used for various restaurant types (lowest price first). And remember: Westmount Signs & Printing has a team of Graphic Design professionals who can create or revamp your menu if you need help.

Gloss Text

Gloss Text

Gloss Text

This is one of the most common styles of menus which you’ve likely received in the mail. Choose gloss text stock for take-out menus, single-page menus, or for smaller restaurant venues. Although lower in cost, you still get a high-quality paper with a glossy finish to show off your menu. Recommended for one-time use and restaurants that change their menu regularly. Add a coupon if you’re planning to advertise via mail.




This type of menu can add a higher perception of value, adding to the ambiance of a high-end restaurant.  Furthermore, an uncoated finish gives off a textured feel adding a more rustic impression. Since linen stocks aren’t easily cleaned, they are often displayed in a holder to protect the surface from handprints. This is seen more commonly in a fancier dining setting and restaurants that change their menus regularly. The uncoated 100% recycled option is great for a more environmentally friendly approach.

Gloss Laminated

Gloss Laminated

Gloss Laminated

Highly durable and recommended for busy restaurants. This option is ideal for colourful menus with lots of photos and/or images, as the gloss adds vibrancy to make it stand out! Other benefits to having a laminated menu is its durability and cleanliness. This is especially important during COVID-19, a time when menus often need wiping. We recommend these for businesses looking for a durable, long lasting menu with a shiny finish.

Synthetic Menus

Synthetic Menus

Synthetic Menus

Have a look at our synthetic ‘paper’ stock for a very unique aesthetic. Its tear resistant, highly water resistant, and has a matte finish! Synthetic menus are a great choice for its durability making them great for a long-lasting menus that rarely change. With no additional finishes or laminates applied, this type of menu can be turned around quickly for busy restaurants. It offers a sleek, durable, and easy-to-clean menu.


With these different styles of Menu Printing Materials, you have many options for your business. If you’re unsure which menu may be best suited for you, we have numerous physical samples available to be seen and touched. For further information or to make an appointment to observe our physical stock, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us



Marketing During & After COVID-19

Marketing During and After COVID-19. Business as usual won’t be the same for a while, that’s for sure. We will all need to adapt to the new realities and continuation of social and physical distancing. You will need to prepare your business for the road ahead and our team can help. We offer a wide variety of services here at Westmount Signs & Printing, such as graphic design, web design, signage and printing.  Here is how we can help:

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Morty's Pub Curbside

Morty’s Pub Curbside

Curbside Pick-Up Signs

Curbside signs are useful as they provide your customers with instructions when they arrive to pick up their order. Typically these signs are placed in front of a parking space and have a specific number which will coincide with the order number. Customers can drive up and pop the trunk, where you then place the order inside, and off they go.

You can order temporary coroplast signs to attach on an existing fence or post. Aluminum signs or a-frames are also an option depending on the layout of your parking lot and how long you want the signs to last for. Check out what Morty’s Pub is offering for their Takeout Curbside Pickup.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Posters & Window Graphics

Don’t underestimate the power of window graphics. Utilize this space for your business with posters or vinyl to let your customers know you are open or operating under reduced capacity. These graphics can also promote your business to new clients too!  Learn More

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Banners


Temporary Banners & Lawn Signs

Use Banners or Lawn Signs to let your customers know that your business is open. They are a great cost-effective way to promote what you have to offer! You can also include delivery app info and your phone number.


Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Safety Shields

Safety Shields

Custom Safety Shields

Safety shields are a great way to provide a clear barrier between your employees and customers. This critical accessory can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your needs and counter space. This will be a common item every business will need when they re-open soon. Demand will be high and material will be in short supply so Contact Us immediately for more information.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Stickers


Safety Seal Stickers

You can use sleek branded logo stickers as tamper-proof safety seals when offering take-out or delivery. These low cost options will give your customers peace of mind and encourage them to come back for more! Contact Us now and lets get started on your stickers.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Printing


Short-Run Printing

Don’t forget about your printed materials to promote your re-opened business! Sending out “we’re open” postcards to your surrounding local community is a great way to get the word out. Include a coupon to encourage them to act and support your business.


For more information or to chat about your options regarding Marketing During and After COVID-19, give us a call. We are here to help. We look good, when you look good!

Brochure Printing in Kitchener Waterloo

If you are looking for brochure printing in Kitchener Waterloo, look no further than Westmount Signs & Printing. There are many different types of brochures, each having a unique purpose. Let’s discuss what a brochure is, why you should use them, and outline some common fold styles available.



Contact us at Westmount Signs & Printing and let our team help you decide which style would best meet your particular needs.

What Are Brochures And Why Do I Need Them?brochure

According to, a brochure is a “publication consisting of one folded page, or several pages stitched together but not bound. Used mainly for advertising purposes.”  

With mobile designed websites becoming the standard, more and more people are starting to wonder if brochures are still necessary? Brochures are still very significant, as they are an excellent way to inform, instruct, and market your business. They are an immediate source of reference and an offline marketing tool which can quickly be picked up to identify the products or services available.

Types Of Brochure Folds

There are several factors which will influence you when selecting a brochure fold style. These include budget, target audience, purpose, and more. Our designers can guide you through the selection process while providing advice in regards to sizing, graphics, colour, paper options, and finishes. To get you started, here are some of the most commonly used fold styles.

1. Half-Fold Design

A half-fold design brochure is great to use if you want to highlight one or two products or services.

  • Includes a single fold with four panels
  • Each panel is large and is a great showcase for images

2. Tri-Fold Design

The tri-fold design allows you to include more information about your products and services than the half-fold design.

  • Includes two folds with six panels
  • Front panel usually contains the company logo and tag line
  • Back panel usually contains contact details

3.  Gate-Fold Design

The gate-fold design are well-suited for brochures with lots of graphics. Elements on the opening two panels should entice a view to ‘open’ the folds.

  • Includes two folds with 4 narrower and 2 wider panels
  • Narrow panels open up to highlight a centre panel

4. Z-Fold Design

The Z-fold design is a variation of the tri-fold design. It allows for the information to be navigated in a different way.

  • Includes two folds with six panels
  • Opens in a ‘Z’ or accordion pattern

5. Booklets

Booklets are multiple half-fold brochures stitched together.

  • Contain vast amounts of information / graphics
  • Kept longer by customers than other brochure types

More Custom Design Printing Solutions

In addition to helping you create an amazing brochure, our graphic design team is available to help you create other custom design printing solutions. These include:

Our custom printing projects use the latest technology available in digital printing. The professionals at Westmount Signs & Printing can guide you through the selection process to choose the most effective combination of paper, finishing, and binding you require.

Marci Matecjek

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I have been using Westmount Signs for all my business needs since I opened up in 2012. They are always extremely helpful and go the extra mile to deliver what I need.

Marci MatecjekOwner, Uptown Beauty Lounge

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101 Things You Should Bring To A Trade Show

A trade show is an excellent place to get your business noticed. From choosing eye-catching trade show banners to selecting printed materials for customers to take away, the planning behind your booth can be a daunting task. Our team are experts at helping you look professional and get the visibility that you deserve. Since there are so many small but also important things that you need to remember to take with you to a trade show, we have created a checklist that will help you prepare your display and maximize your exhibit’s effectiveness.

Please download the checklist below.

Download the Checklist

Items to Bring to a Trade Show

Trade Show Banners / Signage:

Trade show banners are the easiest and most effective way for you to stand out from your competitors at a trade show. You only get a split second to make a positive impression on your target audience…make it count!  When designing your booth consider the space you have available and the decor you plan to incorporate. You might need a horizontal banner, retractable banner, table top banner or all three. Our experienced graphic designers know exactly how to make your brand look sleek and professional.

1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Foamboard
4. Banner Stands
5. Custom Graphics
6. Company logos


Printed Materials / Promotional Items:

In addition to your signs, you should also have printed and promotional items available in your booth. Our team can provide you with all the printed promotional materials you may require.

7. Business cards
8. Brochures
9. Postcards
10. Spec Sheets
11. Press Kits
12. Envelopes
13. Name Tags and Lanyards
14. Company Branded Bags
15. Gift Certificates
16. Coupons
17. T-shirts
18. Stickers
19. Buttons
20. Candy Dish and Candies
21. VIP Giveaways
22. Contest Ballot Box
23. Contest Ballots
24. Contest Pencils

Office Supplies:

You can never be too prepared. Trade show venues are often located on the outskirts of a city and far from convenient shopping. Don’t waste your valuable time running out for something you forgot.

25. Adhesive Tape (Clear)
26. Batteries
27. Business Card Holders
28. Brochure Stands
29. Sales Lead Planner
30. Highlighters
31. Markers
32. Company Branded Pens
33. Company Branded Notepads
34. Scissors
35. Zip-lock Baggies – store sample food for later
36. Stapler with Staples
37. Shower Hooks to Hang Signs
38. Table Cloth
39. Company Branded Table Skirting

Cleaning Supplies:

You don’t know what state you will find your booth in when you arrive after the previous day’s activities. Make sure you have everything you need to make it clean and presentable.

40. Vacuum
41. Carpet Cleaner
42. Glass Cleaner
43. “Goo-Gone” Cleaner
44. Disposable Wipes
45. Garbage Pail – can cost $25 to rent at a trade show!
46. Garbage Bags

Tool Kit for Setup / Repairs:

Be prepared so that your set-up runs smoothly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without the tools you require to make your booth look good. Also, things can break when you least expect it, so it is better to have everything you need for any quick fixes.

47. Safety Footwear
48. Double-sided Adhesive Tape
49. Spray Adhesive
50. Glue
51. Carpet Tape
52. Velcro
53. Bungee Cords
54. Twist Ties / Zip Ties
55. Ruler / Tape Measure
56. Cordless Drill
57. Screw Bit Set
58. Handheld Screwdrivers
59. Screws, Nuts, Bolts
60. Plastic Shrink Wrap
61. Hammer
62. Nails
63. Exacto-Knife
64. Putty Knives / Scrapers
65. Electrical Tester for 120V – electrocution hurts


Standing in your booth talking to attendees for long periods of time can be challenging but don’t be in a position where you have to leave in the middle of the show and possibly miss out on a great lead.

66. Comfortable Shoes
67. Antiseptic Hand Cleaner
68. First Aid Kit (Bandages & Acetaminophen)
69. Antacid Medicine – for the inevitable hangover
70. Facial Tissues
71. Lip Balm
72. Breath Mints
73. Spare Deodorant
74. Mirror
75. Healthy Snacks (Water, Health Bars, Nuts)
76. Stain Remover
77. Sewing Kit


Make sure you have all the equipment necessary to make your best presentation. There’s nothing worse than having your battery die when you need it most.


78. Lights
79. Camera / Video Camera
80. Presentation Laptop with Power Supply
81. Tablet Display Unit(s)
82. Computer Monitor(s) / TV(s)
83. Internet Hub / Stick
84. USB Memory Stick
85. Outdoor Power Generator
86. Extension Cords
87. Power Bars
88. Cell Phone Chargers
89. Mini-Refrigerator


Make your booth stand out from the crowd with matching furniture and decor items. It also adds comfort to the attendees visiting your booth.

90. Company Branded Carpet
91. Company Branded Chairs
92. Tables
93. Display Shelves


A trade show binder should include the important documents.

94. Trade Show Contract
95. Floor Plan
96. Contest Rules
97. Budget Information
98. Utility Maps / Sketches
99. Cell Phone Numbers
100. Important Contact Information
101. Petty Cash

Banners Bring Business

Attractive trade show banners are possibly the most important assets a company can have at a trade show, but it doesn’t stop there. Ensure you are completely prepared by following our helpful checklist. Stop by Westmount Signs & Printing to find out how we can help you design an awesome booth to help promote your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have served the Kitchener-Waterloo area for many years, and we know how to keep our customers happy.


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