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  • Posted on: May 5, 2015
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So you want to get started on catalogue printing in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo? Creating a catalogue can be daunting at first, but once you understand the dos and do nots, it is really simple. When it comes to printing, Westmount Signs and Printing is a surefire way to get the all-inclusive equivalent of signage. We put our heads together to help you take your business to new heights with catalogue printing. Read more to find out what makes a good catalogue and how to create one. If you would like to learn more about us and our services or have an idea in mind for your business, contact us!

Do Not Cram

It is a universal truth that less is more, especially with catalogue printing. When planning out your catalogue printing, avoid putting a lot on one page. While it may seem important to your company, it will likely not affect the customer in the slightest. A catalogue that does not have a sense of what a potential customer might want to look at will risk losing business.

Strategize Your Layout

If you have particular items that are more successful than others, consider displaying them in prominent places on the pages, like the outer corners, the outside covers or the inside covers. This will result in catching a potential customer's eye as they flip through pages. A good catalogue will always consider the placement of its printing.

Offer Combinations

One very effective way to increase sales is by offering combinations of products. If one of your products is a shirt, why not advertise matching pants or a sweater? This technique can be used with all types of products and ensures that you use catalogue printing to the best of your ability.

Effective Marketing

Advertise your website in your catalogue and vice versa
  • Cross selling is a great way to promote yourself twice! It also encourages your potential customers to check out both ends of your company and dig into what you have to offer.
Mail your catalogues to those that will be most likely to use them
  • While mailing catalogues to anyone might seem like a good idea, it also makes your company look ignorant. It is important that you know your customer base well enough to know who to mail to.
Use social media to advertise
  • Since social media is so widely and frequently used, it is a great platform for companies. Make sure to post or tweet information about your catalogue to create hype and ensure more sales.
Create a digital catalogue
  • While this can be achieved in many ways (pdf, web page or online store), a digital catalogue ensures that anyone who wants to see your products can see your products. In anything you do, it is important to create an online version to ensure that those without access to your information are not left in the dark.

"I stumbled across Westmount Signs a number of years ago while looking for some unique printing I required at the time. Not only were they able to help me out, but they also offered suggestions to make my project even better. That was the beginning of a relationship that has seen movement of all my printing needs for my business, personal, service club and many others who I brag to about Westmount Signs. If you haven’t tried them yet, that’s all it takes. Thanks to Tim and his team for all your help."

-Bill McBay, Advisor, SunLife Financial

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