Sales Promotion for Printing Companies: What Not to Do

  • Posted on: May 6, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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In this day and age it has become increasingly apparent that printing companies have taken to using a convoluted sales approach to attract new customers. They focus on the technology they use and use meaningless phrases that the average person does not understand. Business jargon runs rampant throughout industry sales promotion in hopes that it will make each company seem unique and legitimate. However, jargon ends up confusing potential customers and causes printing companies to blend in with one another. Read on to discover how this happens and what you can do to separate yourself from the pack.  

Don't Restate the Obvious

j0443161 If a potential client is looking for printing and/or sign services, chances are they know what they are looking for. Your services are valuable to them because they need them, so trying to convince a potential customer that they need your services is somewhat futile. Instead of trying to sell them on the services you provide, focus on the results that will accompany the services they are interested in (e.g. making their name or company more well-known).

Avoid Using Empty Jargon

Jargon While business jargon may make sense within your field of work, potential customers are only going to be confused by it. One of the most commonly used terms for promoting the printing industry is, "multi-channel." Essentially this term refers to how you should back up your major communication form with secondary kind to help ensure that your message is being communicated effectively. For example, a business could choose to invest in printed signs to advertise for their company, while also handing out new business cards to help establish their name. This is a pretty straightforward tactic, but the term "multi-channel," confuses this simple message and means next to nothing to potential customers.

Be Straightforward

20140311_153816 If you're trying to convince a potential customer that they should use your services, be straightforward. Use language that they will understand instead of industry related jargon. Another example of a commonly used industry term is, "solutions-based services." This term suggests that your business is going to provide solutions for potential customers. While this a good notion, using this term on its own sends an empty message. Often, print businesses forget to tell their potential customers what they are actually going to solve for them. The promise of a solution is great, but without specific follow through it's an empty message that will drive potential customers away. To avoid this, be sure to come up with a straight forward plan for your customer that explains both problems and solutions.

Is New Really Better?

Our society has an obsession with all things "new" and "young." This becomes painfully obvious any time you turn on the TV or look at a magazine rack. This obsession has crossed over to the print industry, where many companies advertise that they are "innovative" and "cutting edge." While innovation is necessary in any field of business, it is impossible to constantly come up with brand new ideas and techniques. This is partially because everything we do as human beings is built on someone else's work, and also because the majority of our "new" ideas aren't always good ones. A healthy business should rely on both tried and true techniques as well as "new" and "innovative" ones. With so many companies focusing on the latter, it's worthwhile to stand out by explaining your technology's successful track record. This will help develop trust between you and your potential client, instead of putting them off with an obsession with "new."

The Bottom Line

In the end, potential clients want results. If you know that you can provide them with results, then tell them that! If they are looking for a printing company then they already know that they need and want your services. So instead of trying to convince them of something they already know, show them that you are the best business for the job. Focus on the results that they are looking for and explain how you can get them. Selling through case studies is much more effective than discussing your unique and innovative technology. In the end, the customer wants results, so show them what you can do!

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