The Benefits of Lawn Bag Signs

  • Posted on: May 15, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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Westmount Signs is highly skilled in all areas of sign making technology. Bag signs are one of the many interior and exterior types of signs that we can produce. Read on to learn more about what bag signs can do for you, and how we increase visibility for your business.  

What are Lawn Bag Signs?

Lawn-Signs Bag signs are portable yard signs that can be rooted into a lawn or garden. They are made from soft plastic, and rely on a wire frame to give them structure and shape. Bag signs are one of the least expensive forms of signage available, and as such are often used in bulk to advertise events occurring in a region. Every thing from an individual’s garage sale, to a political parties election advertising can benefit from bag signs. They are resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight, and are able to get a message across for extended periods of time. A bag sign is an excellent way to catch the eye of local traffic going by your property.

What Should You Use Them For?

You should consider using bag signs if you're trying to target local clients in a specific area. They are great for instilling action in the people who see them, so it's a good idea to include your number on the sign. Lawn bag signs are best for:
  • Promoting a home/independent business
  • Showing support for political campaigns
  • Advertising a fundraiser or local event
  • Private home sales
  • Advertising a yard sale
  • Directional signs for shops off the main street

Why Should You Use Them?

bag sign As shown in our “Research Shows: Consumers Rely on Signs” article many customers rely on signs for receiving information about new products from stores. Signs rated higher then radio ads, magazine ads, and newspaper advertising in helping customers learn about new products. Thus, it is vital to your organization to get signs out there in front of consumers. Bag signs are an excellent way to do this. Nearly 50% of consumers also stated that they have missed stores due to poor signage. Bag signs are an excellent way to get signage in front of consumers, and increase your visibility. As previously mentioned, lawn bag signs are great for advertising a business run from a house that people would not otherwise realize exists. They are extremely inexpensive, which makes them ideal for smaller businesses or for people who are on a tight budget. Despite being inexpensive, lawn bag signs are still made extremely well and are incredibly durable so they can withstand harsh weather conditions.  

Westmount: The Only Supplier You Need

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