Inspired Visual Marketing: Tradeshow Banners and Signs

  • Posted on: April 27, 2014
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Today's article is the fourth and final one in a series about creating a visually inspired marketing plan that will help promote your brand and your business. To read last week's article, click here. This week we'll be talking about how you can use tradeshow banners and signs to help promote your business' brand. To learn more about developing and promoting your brand, contact us today!   Tradeshow

What Are Tradeshows?

For those of you who don't already know, tradeshows are exhibitions for companies in specific industries to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and/or services. They also provide opportunities for businesses to check out their competition's work, examine market trends, and develop professional connections. Ultimately, tradeshow's provide lots of opportunities for businesses to develop and promote their brand.

What Kind of Signs Should I Use for a Tradeshow?

Tradeshow Booth There are lots of different types of signs that are appropriate for tradeshows. The most commonly used signs are:
  • Banners
  • Table Throws
  • Brochure Stands
  • Flags
  • Tents
  • Table Top Displays
  • Posters
The signs you decide to use will reflect your brand, so make sure that you've put a lot of thought and care into your choices. If you need help or advice putting together the visual component of your tradeshow, be sure to contact us today.

The Benefits of Banners and Signs

Grand-Show-007 The benefits of using Banners:
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly Visible
  • Customizable
    • Size
    • Weight
    • Colour
    • Design
  • Reusable
    • They can also be used for
      • Improving your storefront
      • Advertising an event
      • Showcasing new products
      • Future tradeshows
To learn more about the benefits of using banners, click here. The benefit of using other types of signs, such posters and flags, at a tradeshow are that they increase visibility and have the ability to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Well-designed signs can also impress competitors and encourage the development of professional relationships between compatible businesses.  

Other Tradeshow Materials

Along with your tradeshow display, you'll need printed material to hand out in order to develop relationships. These materials will help potential clients and partners remember you after they've left the exhibit, and can encourage them to contact you in the future. Some examples of these are:
  • Business cards
    • These are expected by customers
    • Yours must stand out from the rest of the pack
  • Brochures/Pamphlets
    • An effective way to provide customers with information after the fact
    • They will be overloaded with information right away, so giving them a take home summary will keep you fresh in their minds once they leave
  • Booklets
    • These play a similar role as brochures, but they provide more information
Westmount Signs specializes in all areas of printing, and is able to print your materials for you in a efficient and timely manner. If you're in need of professional designed graphics as well, our experts can help with that! Whatever you need, large or small, Westmount is here for you. Learn more about our printing services here.

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