Restaurant Menu Boards: Tips and Considerations

  • Posted on: August 18, 2015
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Are you considering installing a menu board for your restaurant? Westmount has some tips and considerations for you to make your menu board the best match for you and your business. Menu boards are an excellent way for you to show how organized your business is, and a good menu board can be the difference between a confused customer and a happy one. To learn more about menu boards and your options, read on. If you would like to inquire about menu boards or would like to get started on a project, feel free to contact us! button

What Are My Options?

menuboardsMenu boards come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any space that you have with the effect you want. They divide into four main categories: indoor, outdoor, digital and non-digital. The different combinations of these categories will allow for creative menu solutions for any area of your restaurant. Indoor (Digital and Non-Digital) An indoor overhead menu board is usually used for guests to look at when they place an order. These signs are more useful for fast food joints rather than slower paced restaurants, which rely mostly on handheld menus. Overhead menu boards can use digital graphics to increase the pace of information delivery as well, so consider this particular option when thinking about the best menu board for your business. Outdoor (Digital and Non-Digital) Using an outdoor menu will probably mean that your store has a drive through, is open late or around the clock. In this regard, it is important to keep your design readable to get information across quickly and to avoid confusion both with your employees and customers. Outdoor menu signs will need extra care due to their exposure to the elements. When creating an outdoor sign, consider using digital menus to enhance visibility for customers. It creates a smoother experience with your business and makes your store look more appealing. For more information on digital vs non-digital menus, click here. In addition to all of these options, many restaurants use A-frame signs. These signs are a great way to interact with the customer and can advertise customized information, like a particular deal or a special offer. A-frame signs can be used in all types of restaurants, from fancy to fast food. Their versatile use and mobility gives the advantage of being both an outdoor and indoor sign, depending on how you advertise and how busy your restaurant is.

How Can My Menu Board Stand Out?

There are three simple things to consider when designing a menu board to be something special: 1. Know Your Customers What sort of information does your customer want to hear? Advertise deals, combos or new items on your menu board and make sure that they are visible. Your menu may change each season so take this into consideration when designing your menu board. 2. Optimize Your Layout It can be argued that layout is the #1 factor that impacts the effectiveness of any menu board. This is why placing your menu items in the right spot is so important. Some menu boards will create huge murals for their newest products, others will ensure that the layout remains consistent in every location. These techniques are all about drawing attention to menu items and making the most of the space provided. It is also important to remember that your customer should not experience doubt when figuring out what to order. A menu board should settle any worries a customer has. For a full-length study on menu boards and how they affect customers in their everyday lives, click here. 3. Know Your Company And Stay True To Your Brand Whenever you make a design choice, think about your company. Is this what reflects your company best? Is this a good way to promote your company? What can you do to bring more of your company and brand to your customers? All these questions and more should be considered when designing a menu board. Make sure that you communicate this with whoever is creating your menu board so that your company can be recognized in it. To read more about menu boards and their properties, benefits, and purposes, click here!   "Have nothing but great things to say about Westmount Signs & Printing. The staff is fantastic, the turnaround time is amazing and the quality of their work is second to none! I will continue to use them for all my printing and signage! Also they are working on doing signage for my vehicle right now, and I can't believe how talented the graphics department is!! Thank you so much!" - ThunderStorm Productions DJ Service & Amusement Click here to see more testimonials!  

Final Thoughts on Menu Boards

menuboard_picMenu boards are a key part of any restaurant, whether it be fast food or fancy. Menu boards provide an easy to access way of showing your guests the menu options while adding personality to your building. With menu boards, a restaurant becomes informative and eye-catching. Without a menu board, a restaurant may very well be both unhelpful and aimless. Westmount Signs and Printing would like to take a moment to discuss different menu boards and what you can do to make the most effective choice for your business. For more information on menu boards, click here! If you would like to get started on a project, feel free to contact us!

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