The Top 6 Custom Interior Reception Sign Trends

  • Posted on: August 10, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Interior reception signs say a lot about your business. That's why it's extremely important to make sure you give off the right impression as well as create an up to date space for your customers to enjoy and appreciate. We at Westmount have compiled the top 6 custom interior reception sign trends of this year for you to consider and possibly implement into your building. If you would like to learn more about interior signs or would like to start a project, please do not hesitate to contact us!   button

#1: Sleek

Make your sign as streamlined as possible. It conveys a very modern and professional look for your company. A sleek interior reception sign can involve as little as one layer, but it must be clean-cut, polished and use fresh colours or shades.  

#2: White

We are seeing a trend where white is being used with many interior reception signs. It provides the illusion of space. It also guarantees a pristine finish and brightens your building. If your business logo is coloured, consider mounting it against a white background or framing it in white to make your sign pop. Mirrors or glass are also becoming popular for the same reasons. This technique is especially effective in smaller offices.  

#3: Backdrop

Another trend we are seeing is that many companies are deciding to use the wall behind their reception desk to build their reception sign. By doing this it avoids cluttering the reception area and it also makes the reception desk the focal point of the entrance. Some great examples are the Foursquare and Austin Tenant Advisers images we have included in this article.  

#4: Simple

The biggest favour you can do for your interior reception sign is cutting down on the decor. Customers will value a company who only needs the basics to show their capabilities. It is also a great way to use your space to your advantage and create a beautiful reception area. By doing this, your reception sign can truly shine! We are seeing many companies choose very minimalist reception sign designs and reception area decor.  

#5: Size

We have also recently seen a trend toward larger reception signs. These larger signs give a very strong and prominent first impression for your company. Think about how big you want your reception sign. As discussed in the backdrop trend we are seeing many companies using an entire wall as their canvas rather than placing the sign in a designated area. This helps make your reception area look big and your company look big. First impressions are very important, therefore you want to wow customers and potential customers when they enter your office. The more thought you put into your reception sign the better.  

#6: Structure

When designing your interior sign, keep in mind what you want your reception area to look like. A sign will add dimension to any space, so it has a very important role in your building. Design trends this year are looking towards hard edges rather than softer rounded ones to match the minimalist designs in other areas of interior decorating.   Hopefully you have found these trends helpful in your research to building an interior reception sign. Some local interior signage that we have completed:
Marshall Zehr TEM Newground
Marshall Zehr TEM Newground
Activa Skyline Sage Naturopathic Clinic
Activa Skyline Sage Naturopathic Clinic
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