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  • Posted on: October 2, 2015
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Yearbooks are a great way to look back on your life. From adolescence to adulthood, they help us to reflect on what we used to be. Many schools are now starting to distribute yearbooks at the elementary level to encourage these memories. If your school is located in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo, then Westmount Signs and Printing can help you get your yearbook off the ground and into your students' hands. We thoroughly enjoy doing elementary public school yearbook printing. We would love to help you out by giving you handy tips and suggestions for materials, content and how to distribute the year books. If you would like to learn more about us or get started on a project, feel free to contact us! button

Why a Yearbook?

One of the best things about school is the memories. What better way to enjoy memories than by printing them out to look at and remember forever? A yearbook is the highlight of many student's year since it allows them to get signatures, reflect on funny moments or achievements, and last but not least, to keep in touch with others over the summer holidays. For teachers and administration, yearbooks are a great way to support the school, to become closer to their students, and to make the last day of school extra special.  

What Makes a Yearbook Memorable? Hard-Cover-Binding

Yearbooks will encapsulate a student's year at school, so it is important to reflect on what occurred. Make sure that the students designing the yearbook know what to include for pages in the yearbook. Pages that should be included are - school events pages - school administrators & staff potraits page - teachers potraits page - the student awards page - student portraits - sports competitions pages - school clubs/groups pages - school teams pages - the graduating class page It is also important to leave room at the front and back for signatures, which are often the highlight of receiving a yearbook at the end of school. It's all about making sure that the finished result is able to accurately show what happened so students can be reminded each time they open it.  

What Are My Options?

coilYearbooks are meant to look good, so keep that in mind when deciding on your materials. You can choose a cardstock cover to help preserve the pages, or go one step further and have it laminated or UV coated. If you would like to add extra shine, consider UV coating your front and back covers. This process creates a high gloss sheen that makes your colours pop and look more professional. If you are printing the inside pages in black and white then you can get the printing done quickly and less expensively. Printing inside pages in full colour will be more modern, but will take more time to complete. Yearbooks can also be bound different ways depending on the type of cover. A softcover might do better with coil binding, while a hardcover would benefit from a full bound book and glued pages. Talk over the options with your yearbook committee to see what they would prefer, within reason of course. You can explore all of what Westmount Signs and Printing has to offer by clicking here!  

How Do I Distribute It?

_MG_7504Yearbooks should be sent to your school and distributed by staff. Make arrangements to have them at the school the day of distribution with your printer. This way the distribution process will be quick and painless and will not drag on for many confusing days. Yearbooks should be organized by class and the teacher should be in charge of giving them out. Westmount Signs and Printing is capable of delivering your yearbooks when you want them, even on tight or unpredictable schedules!   "Talking about amazing service…! From the launching phase of our company up until now, Westmount Signs & Printing has been there for us every step along the way with regards to all our signage & printing needs! From creating the original artwork, over business cards & flyers, window stickers & wall/fence signs, all the way to vehicle decals, they have consistently provided us with quality products, in a very timely fashion, every single time. Not to mention meeting our countless last minute, time-sensitive requests – outstanding! They have proven to us that their team is who we will continue to be working with indefinitely for all our signs & printing needs! Keep it up!" -CSA Security Inc Click here to see more testimonials or check out our Google+ page!  

What Can Westmount Do for You?

Westmount Signs and Printing is located in the K-W region and provides the surrounding area with quality signage and printing for all occasions. Our top notch digital printing machines allow for the best local printing results. We are well versed in printing and binding and would love to help you realize your students' yearbook dreams. While we provide digital printing, we also offer exterior and interior signage, vehicle graphics, and a sign maintenance and installation service. We are proud to offer very fast turnaround times with all of our products and can accommodate any concerns you may have at the last minute. We also provide free mock ups so you are ensured satisfaction. If you have unique delivery requirements, let us know! We will do everything to make sure that your products are exactly the way you want them. If you would like to learn more about us or want to get started on a project, feel free to contact us by phoning us at 519-885-1400 or emailing us at sales@westmountsigns.com. button (1) Sources: