How to Use Outdoor Business Signs to Boost Your Business

Outdoor business signs are by far the best way to boost your business. They are visible, striking, unique and they last for a long time. Despite their inherent advertising value, outdoor signs can sometimes be used in ineffective ways, damaging their business. In this article we will talk about what the most common types of outdoor signage are, as well as what type of signage should be used for your business. Westmount Signs and Printing has created a handy how-to for all your outdoor business sign needs so you can use them effectively! If you would like to learn more about our services and products or would like to get started on a project, feel free to contact us!


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– Bill McBay (Advisor, SunLife Financial)

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What Are My Options?

Outdoor business signs vary depending on their location, size, and purpose.


Signs away from your building will require sturdy bases and durable materials since they will not be supported by any structure. They will also be distanced from any lighting, so consider installing lights in your sign to ensure it remains visible at night. You pyloncan click here to learn more about backlit signs or here to learn about LED signs. Electronic signs may also be a good option if your business often has specific messages to be advertised.

If you are in an area with adequate lighting already, consider installing an unlit, or traditional sign. These are practical and considerably cheaper than a lit sign. Traditional signs can be reader boards or A-frame signs. If you are in a plaza, make it a priority to install your business’ sign in the pylon sign typical in those areas.


Photo 2015-10-19, 12 48 03A storefront sign is any sign attached to your building. These types of signs will typically be laid above your business’ entrance and can vary in style. Individual cut letter signs are extremely popular right now since they incorporate the modern minimalist look. They can also be installed with LED lighting so the letters will be visible at night. Banners are another, less permanent option, and help to advertise relevant temporary information to your customers such as sales events or changes being made to your building. Above anything else, always have a storefront sign. It is the most basic advertising since it is directly connected to your store and helps others identify where you are located.

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Signage Solutions

Are you unsure of which sign to use for your business? Let’s look at the following situations:

IMG_2764Small Property

Drawing attention to a small property can be tough. When you are considering signage, always go for an overhead storefront sign. This will draw attention to you building’s exterior. For a more effective sign, use individual cut letters (logo permitting). Creating a minimalist sign is an excellent way to appeal to customers since it is modern and stylistic. You can also install a backlit or pylon sign on the edge of your property to attract customers from the road. Choose a respectable size, since the sign could outweigh your property if you are not careful.

In a Plaza

Big Bite Pizza and Wings PylonAlways be sure to include your business on a pylon sign. This will better the chances of someone finding your store. Pylon signs are a battleground for recognition so make sure your business comes out on top. Click here to learn more about effective logo designs to help you achieve the perfect logo for you. Plazas do not allow for much leeway in the types of signs you can use but go for something that fills the space you have been given for an overhead sign. Doing so will attract attention. If you would like to advertise more current specific information such as sales or events, consider setting up an a-frame sign outside your store. Passersby’s will be able to read it as they approach your store.

Photo 2015-07-24, 11 32 45Far Away

Businesses located out of the way of most daily traffic will find it harder to attract customers. This is usually due to the size of their building or the type of service. Roadside signs such as backlit or illuminated signs are essential to attracting customers from the get go. With installed lighting, your sign can advertise twice as much and improve your business. Banners are also an excellent idea since they are capable of being installed in many different areas around your building. Think big with your signs, and they will boost your business!

Why Westmount?

Westmount Signs is well-known in the region for our extremely quick turnaround times for designs and the signage itself. Our team is personable and we are available to talk when you need us! Our products and services are all offered for great prices. We are also very active in our community and have contributed to providing stunning signage and prints for local festivals, events, charities, and businesses. We fully manage all the details so you don’t need to worry about anything. If you are interested in learning more about us or want to get started on a project, feel free to contact us!

Westmount Signs: Your All-in-One Signage Provider

Westmount Signs is located in the K-W region and provides quality signage for business and recreation alike in the area. Exterior signage, while the most popular, is not our only service! We also provide interior signs, digital printing, vehicle graphics and our own installation and maintenance service. We are dedicated to your needs and provide free mock-ups to ensure your satisfaction as well as free estimates to show you our incredible pricing. If you are interested in starting a project with us or would like to learn more, phone us at 519-885-1400 or email us at

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Westmount Signs and Printing is a sign printing company that serves Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Our signs are top quality and well-priced! We take pride in our wide variety of signage options to suit any need or occasion. You can find all of your sign printing solutions at Westmount Signs, where we don’t look good until you look good! If you would like to get started on a signage project or have any questions about us or our services, feel free to contact us! button (1)

Exterior Signs

Perhaps the most necessary type of signage, exterior signage ensures that your company is seen! Our products and services include everything from electronic signs to simple lawn signs.

  • A-Frames: A simple yet effective way to advertise on ground level.
  • Window Lettering and Graphics: Perfect to add something more to large window spaces.
  • Banners: A versatile, easy to store sign, great for effective minimal advertising.
  • Traffic Signs: Help to safely direct your customers on the roads and in the parking lot by installing these on your property.
  • Electronic Signs: Step into the future with a programmable electronic sign to display personalized messages.
  • Readerboards: An easy to use, manual alternative to the electronic sign, the readerboard promises fun personalized messages.
  • Lawn Signs: Make use of your front yard or your community’s green space by putting up lawn signs.
  • Real Estate Signs: Make your next house tour the best one yet with real estate signs to aid any potential home buyers in their decision.
  • Individual Cut Letters: Make use of your storefront with this minimalist and sleek signage option. Individual cut letters are perfect for all businesses.
  • Backlit Signs: Bring attention to your business with a backlit sign. They will shine day and night to attract customers!
  • Site Signs: Let the public know what’s in store for a construction site with site signs. Site signs hold a promise for the future.
  • Pylon Signs: Include multiple signs in one frame with a pylon sign! Ideal for plazas or strip malls, the pylon sign ensures that everyone is given equal opportunity. Just make sure that you have a way to catch the public’s eye!

Interior Signs

These types of signs are great not only for advertising but also for the organization and directing customers or visitors. If you are in need of door signs, menu boards or even a quality sign for your company’s first floor, Westmount Signs and Printing would love to help you!

  • Lasered Signs (directory, information, organizational): Lasered signs are the perfect way to get a sleek, professional look for any type of sign. Whether that be room numbers or business logos on the main floor, these signs are ideal for everything.
  • Menu Boards: These sturdy signs can be backlit if need be and help to show the customer exactly what you offer.
  • Meeting Room and Door Signs: The simplest things are often the most important. Door signs and meeting room signs will help your employees and visitors avoid getting embarrassingly lost in your building.
  • Posters: This classic advertising method will never be obsolete. Use posters as a portable sign or as a permanent fixture in your building.
  • Window and Door Frosting: Create privacy in an artistic way by frosting your windows and doors in patterns that will wow any visitor.
  • Foamboard: This unique texture is a winner with many and is a sturdy and durable alternative to cardboard.
  • Coroplast: Take your posters to the next level by using coroplast: a reinforced plastic material that’s perfect for a long lasting and brightly-coloured sign.
  • Dimensional Signs: Add depth to your interior signs by installing a dimensional sign! These are great for offering any visitors a look at what your company can do creatively.
  • Vinyl Lettering: Use this classic material to get a long lasting and simple sign design.

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