A Quick Guide to Menu Printing Materials

  • Posted on: December 15, 2020
  • by: S42Dev

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Here’s a quick guide to Menu Printing Materials. There are various kinds of stock—whatever you choose, your menu should be a reflection of your restaurant. Your exterior sign makes the first impression but your menu will do the talking.  Something to consider when planning out your menu is your online presence. Sharing your menu online to showcase your food is a great way to attract hungry customers. Below are some of the different styles commonly used for various restaurant types (lowest price first). And remember: Westmount Signs & Printing has a team of Graphic Design professionals who can create or revamp your menu if you need help.

Gloss Text

[caption id="attachment_17846" align="alignleft" width="150"]Gloss Text Gloss Text[/caption] This is one of the most common styles of menus which you've likely received in the mail. Choose gloss text stock for take-out menus, single-page menus, or for smaller restaurant venues. Although lower in cost, you still get a high-quality paper with a glossy finish to show off your menu. Recommended for one-time use and restaurants that change their menu regularly. Add a coupon if you're planning to advertise via mail.


[caption id="attachment_17848" align="alignleft" width="150"]Uncoated/Linens Uncoated/Linens[/caption] This type of menu can add a higher perception of value, adding to the ambiance of a high-end restaurant.  Furthermore, an uncoated finish gives off a textured feel adding a more rustic impression. Since linen stocks aren't easily cleaned, they are often displayed in a holder to protect the surface from handprints. This is seen more commonly in a fancier dining setting and restaurants that change their menus regularly. The uncoated 100% recycled option is great for a more environmentally friendly approach.

Gloss Laminated

[caption id="attachment_17847" align="alignleft" width="150"]Gloss Laminated Gloss Laminated[/caption] Highly durable and recommended for busy restaurants. This option is ideal for colourful menus with lots of photos and/or images, as the gloss adds vibrancy to make it stand out! Other benefits to having a laminated menu is its durability and cleanliness. This is especially important during COVID-19, a time when menus often need wiping. We recommend these for businesses looking for a durable, long lasting menu with a shiny finish.

Synthetic Menus

[caption id="attachment_17849" align="alignleft" width="150"]Synthetic Menus Synthetic Menus[/caption] Have a look at our synthetic ‘paper’ stock for a very unique aesthetic. Its tear resistant, highly water resistant, and has a matte finish! Synthetic menus are a great choice for its durability making them great for a long-lasting menus that rarely change. With no additional finishes or laminates applied, this type of menu can be turned around quickly for busy restaurants. It offers a sleek, durable, and easy-to-clean menu.   With these different styles of Menu Printing Materials, you have many options for your business. If you're unsure which menu may be best suited for you, we have numerous physical samples available to be seen and touched. For further information or to make an appointment to observe our physical stock, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us sales@westmountsigns.com