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  • Posted on: December 8, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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With the large number of municipal and federal elections taking place over the past few months, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the top 5 funny election signs that we could find. While most election signs are standard and professional, sometimes candidates take a more humorous approach to their campaign in hopes of catching the attention of vehicles passing by. This article will show you our choices for the top 5 funny election signs. If you're interested in having your own election signs created, click here to contact Westmount Signs & Printing today! button

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#5. Keyboard Cat for President

Image Source: FunnySigns

In 2012, somebody apparently thought that Keyboard Cat might make a better president than those actually running. What we find hilarious about this particular sign is the choice of Keyboard Cat as the nomination. Instead of choosing a representative who might be huge in pop culture at the time, they instead chose to throw it back to an old meme from 2007, causing us all to remember this video:

It brings us back to a simpler time and makes us long for more nonsensical humour in our lives. We're behind this candidate 100% if they ever decide to run again.

4. Megatron

Image Source: Reddit
During the hype of the recent resurgence of the Transformers franchise, somebody took it upon themselves to bring the violence from the movies down to the political level. Part of the humour found here is obvious satire. Megatron is noted for not being much of a conversationalist, rather he just takes what he wants (or at least he tries to), so we can't really see politics being his thing. The thought of him suiting up for a political debate is pretty funny and would definitely not end well for anyone involved. If he managed to win, well... that wouldn't be good for any of us really. Sorry Megatron, you'll have to find somebody else to support your campaign.

3. Eduction


Image Source: Today's Whisper

Oh, Mr. Pearce. It appears that though you may have received a Golden Apple Award in "Eduction", you didn't receive a Golden Keyboard Award for spell check. The irony of this mistake is really what brought this sign to attention in 2012, and the fact that the error wasn't actually even part of the original sign but something that was attached afterwards made it so much better. Also, add in the fact that the word "eduction" means "something that draws or brings out" (much like this sign was able to draw our attention) and you've got the home run of spelling errors. It may have had an impact on his campaign as well as Mr. Pearce went on to lose his state senate seat to Bob Worsley.

2. The Anti-Rob Ford Signs

Rob ford signs
Image Sources: Reddit
Much like other comedians did at the time of the infamous Rob Ford incident over a year ago, a group of anti-Rob Ford enthusiasts decided to create a few fake election signs taking a jab at Toronto's former mayor. The results were pretty hilarious. Their sense of humour was clearly to take jabs at the mayor's acts by saying the supposed candidates will participate in some of the same actions that Mr.Ford was but in a much more effective way. Their political point being that though these fake candidates seem like awful selections for mayor, they're actually committing no actions worse than those Rob Ford had already done. It's a great use of comedy to get a point across though I'm sure Mr. Ford was none to pleased about it.

1. So Much Debt!

Pooped My Pants
Image Source: Today's Whisper [edit: link no longer available]
Putting a baby on an election sign is a sure fire way to gather some attention, I mean they're just so darn cute! But throw in a bit of diaper humour and you've got yourself a bonafide election sign. We're not quite sure what this sign was used for, but we can only assume that Mr. Chaney was running for a position which had already accumulated a pile of debt. Whichever way this election sign was used, it was sure used in good fun. Definitely one of the most playful election signs we've ever come across, and we think it speaks of Mr. Chaney's character, as well that he's willing to have a bit of fun with his campaign.

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