The Most Effective Flyer Design

  • Posted on: November 28, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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button (1)A flyer can be an effective means of attracting customer attention and providing company information, but design can be a tricky thing to get right. An effective flyer must utilize both great design and a strong message - a difficult combination to master. Here are 7 tips for making the ultimate flyer. Click here to contact us today.

manualsBe Brief

Attention spans are not long. You only have a few seconds to really capture the viewer's interest when they see your flyer. A wall of text will scare readers away. Use headings, graphics, and charts instead of words when you can.

Be Organized

Organize the information presented into logical subsections, and then break down that information further by using bullet lists, infographics, charts, etc.

Choose an Appropriate Headline

A headline must be short, memorable and catchy. A headline is a difficult concept to master, but is highly effective when done right. A headline will always be the first thing a viewer reads on a flyer.

List Benefits/Advantages of Your Company

Have a list of at least three reasons why potential customers should side with you. This can be a list of testimonials, advantages, or future goals. You want the viewer to read your list, and identify with the issues the list is addressing.

Proofread Again and Again and Again

Due to the categorized nature of flyers, it is really easy to skim over a misspelled or misused words. There is a lot that will distract from words (pictures, charts, and infographics), but one misspelled or awkward word will often cause the viewer to lose interest.

Call to Action

Give readers something to do, such as a number to call or a website to go to. Make sure to use wording that implies action, such as, "call now," or "click here now."

Always Include Contact Information - But Don't Make it the Focus

Your business's contact information should always be included somewhere on the page - preferably at the bottom. However, do not make the contact information the focus of the flyer. You will want to convey interesting information to the viewer and not have your flyer appear as a glorified business card.

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