How to Make a Business Brochure

  • Posted on: November 28, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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Contact-us-blueNow that you have created great business cards and effective flyers, it is time to create a business brochure. Brochure's are used in a similar way as flyers, but they are able to convey significantly more information and do not rely quite so heavily on attracting the viewer's eye from afar. This article will go through the steps needed to create a great business brochure. Click here to contact Westmount today.


Adobe InDesign Suite is the optimal brochure creation application, but it requires a significant amount of skill and training to be used effectively. There are ways of getting around this by using programs such as Microsoft Word, Publisher or Appleā€™s Pages, however the end result is often disappointing. Images are usually low resolution which makes the end products blurry and illegible. Making a positive first impression with potential customers is very important and can set you apart from the competition positively or negatively. Here at Westmount Signs & Printing you can take advantage of our complete in-house graphic design services to ensure your brand has maximum impact and reaches your target audience effectively. From logo creation to brochure design we can do it all! We have the experience and knowledge to make sure your brand is managed carefully so that your promotional materials are professional and communicate your messages the way you want them to your target audience. Call us today at 519-885-1400 to set up a consultation!


For a list of appropriate content, please refer to our effective flyer article, as the content in a brochure will mirror that of a flyer, but with more additional content. When writing your brochure, focus on the areas that set your business apart from the competition. Feel free to include testimonials, and other items to support this difference.


The paper on which the brochure is printed can make a large difference when it comes to the customer's acceptance and approval of the brochure. Heavier paper is ideal, as it conveys quality. You will definitely want to print in full colour, as most people view black and white as a budget option. If you are printing yourself be sure that your printer supports duplex printing, and is able to support a heavier poundage of paper. If needed, Westmount Signs specializes in providing printing services for businesses and corporations.

Difference Between a Brochure and a Flyer

Brochures and flyers certainly cover similar ground, but they differ in their objective. A flyer is designed to peak the reader's interest, and sell them on a particular idea. Any additional information beyond a few keywords highlighted in the brochure will require the reader to get additional information. A brochure is typically designed to provide a good amount of detail on a particular topic. For example, we could create a brochure the is all about our exterior signs, their specifications, costs and advantages. The purpose of the brochure would be to really educate readers on all of the merits of all of our products.

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