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Having a professional looking business card is of crucial importance for every company and we’re here to help you learn about design and style in order to make a lasting impression. Business Cards are often exchanged when first meeting someone, introducing them to your brand and informing them what your company is about. The first step is to determine your target audience in order to project a particular tone. Secondly, you need to determine what essential information you’d like to convey. Some key elements include your company name, person’s name and title, phone number, and e-mail address. Other important details to consider are your website, social media channels, office address and/or a slogan. Its important to keep a balance of practical information and your branding design elements.

Once the design is set, you’ll want to pick a substrate and finish. Need design help? Westmount Signs & Printing has a team of seasoned Graphic Designers and will be happy to create the perfect business card for you. Below are some of the substrates & finish options we have available:

Gloss Cardstock

Gloss Cardstock

The classic finish. This gloss cardstock offers you a sturdy feel and gloss shine to showcase a full colour background and images. Our standard base option is a 12pt cardstock, but we also offer thicker options at 14PT, 16PT and the impressive 18PT to really stand out.

Silk Cardstock

Silk Cardstock

One of the most underrated elements of a good business card is how tactile it is. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a business card that feels different. With the 130# Silk Cover, featuring a slightly matte finish, you’re sure to impress with this silky-smooth cardstock. As a bonus, this stock can be written on won’t cause smudging.

Uncoated Cardstock

Uncoated Cardstock

Take your business cards back to basics with an uncoated cardstock, providing a natural ‘paper-pulp’ feel. It can be written on or used as a stamp card. Its great for the eco-friendly business or consumer. Our 80 lb & 100 lb uncoated cardstock has a 30% FSC rating, meaning that it’s made from at least 30% recycle post-consumer materials. If you’re looking for more sustainability, Westmount Signs & Printing also carries the 100% recycled version available in 100 lb cardstock weight.

Premium Cougar Cardstock

Premium Cougar Cardstock

This uncoated stock is a premium option for those after a clean-cut card with a 14pt thickness. It’s known for being a crisp white, smooth to the touch, but still uncoated giving it a more organic feel.



Laminated business cards are a step up, giving your business card a 20-22pt thickness and lasting impression while credibly durable. With a laminate your card is protected and will last much longer than a standard cardstock card. Furthermore, the finishes available can really change up its aesthetic with hi-gloss or matte options, and for the tactile wow factor: soft touch.


Foil / Varnish

Last but not least, is the show stopper. If you want to get an immediate reaction from your audience, adding foil or varnish is what you need! Adding foil offers a unique metallic shine to elements of your business cards, and available in various colours to suit your branding. Having a spot varnish adds to the tactile feel and can give you a hi-gloss finish on elements of your card that will draw attention. For example, imagine a business card with splashes of paint on the design, with the splashes having a gloss finish on a matte card. Foil and spot varnish can also be used together, and with a creative touch can make your business card standout from the rest.

All of the above are great choices to design and style your business card, depending on which best suits your company’s brand. It can be difficult to visualize the perfect finish for your card, and we’re here to help. Our offices have samples at the ready. See what others are saying about Westmount Signs & Printing here. To learn about the importance of business cards, check out our blog post here. For even more personalized information or to chat about Business Cards or Printing, give us a call or email us at

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The 5 Best Restaurant Sign Designs

There are a lot of factors that go into the making of the best restaurant sign designs. A well-designed restaurant sign can be one of the best advertising tools for any restaurant. Some of the factors that go into the making of a high-quality sign design, include the sign’s focus, size, attractiveness and more. We’ve seen and created a ton of restaurant signs in our time and in this article we’d like to present you with what we believe are our top 5 restaurant sign designs.

Best Restaurant Sign Designs

If you’re interested in making your own best restaurant sign design, contact us at Westmount Signs and Printing to see how we can help. We have wonderful designers on staff that can help you to create a one of a kind sign at a great rate. Click here to contact us today!

“We are so happy with the great work and amazing work Westmount Signs did for our office!! We are in love with our new sign and really appreciated their hard work. Everything was completed perfectly and on time! Thank you, Westmount Signs!”

-Dr. Mayada Kheriba, Wilmot Dental Care

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Without further ado here is our list of our favourite top 5 restaurant signs. We hope you enjoy them!

5. Mel’s Diner

Mel's Diner

We really like this sign because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Sometimes the simplest designs are actually the most effective and Mel’s Diner is a great example of this. The sign is easy to spot, even at night, and the contrasting red on white make it easy to read and understand. What makes it unique is its retro neon look, but is actually LED with channel letters. While there are other restaurant signs similar to this we could have chosen, we feel that Mel’s Diner does an outstanding job of making a sign look clean and professional.

4. Rae’s Restaurant

Image Source:

Sure the sign at Rae’s Restaurant in Santa Monica may be old but we think it’s a classic design that does a particularly good job at drawing in customers of all ages. During the day it stands up high on the street side, poking out for all customers, but at night, its neon lights light up making it very noticeable. Retro signs like this one are great for drawing in older customers who are looking for more traditional food, and younger customers who are looking for a unique experience. Though because of their safety hazard we no longer suggest the usage of neon lights for your signs, at Westmount Signs we are able to provide you with some fantastic backlit sign designs.

3. Nana’s Irish Pub

Image Source: TripAdvisor

This sign for Nana’s Irish Pub in Oregon is one of the coolest street signs we’ve ever come across. It is well designed, using traditional Irish greens and golds and classic Celtic art. This sign is sure to drive in customers who are longing for some Irish pub food. We love that they decided to go with a more classic tavern style sign as it gives Nana’s a more “at home” feel, which is something many pub goer’s look for.

2. Brothers Bar and Grill

This is a really cool sign design. The things we love about it is that it’s very focused and simple, anyone who looks at this sign knows they can get a beer here. We also love the usage of bright colours, such as yellow, which can help to draw attention. Add in the fact that this sign is fairly large and we’re certain that it’ll help bring in a ton of customers for their business.

1. Meat Dept.

Image Source:

Located in Toronto, Ontario, the Meat Department has become one of the areas premier butcher shops and their sign is nothing short of fantastic. We love that they chose to use a more rustic look for their sign because it helps to give the shop an immediate traditional feel. The focal point of the sign is clearly the bull sticking out of the front of the sign which leaves no doubt about which products they sell. What’s most impressive is the amount of detail that’s clearly been put into the sign, particularly the bull head. We find this leads you to feel that this business is all about detail and perfection which is what you want from people who deal with your food.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our choices for some of the best restaurant signs. Our company, Westmount Signs and Printing, is located in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and we provide high-quality signage and printing services for businesses in and around the area, including restaurant signage but that’s only one of our many products and services. We also offer other kinds of exterior and interior signs, digital printing, vehicle graphics and our own installation and maintenance service. If you would like to learn more about us or get started on a project, feel free to call us at 519-885-1400 or email us at!



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