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  • Posted on: June 17, 2015
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Do you own a retail store in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph? Then you know how important signage is to your business. From initial eye-catching to a final purchase, signage helps retailers show their store's unique qualities, merchandise and attitude. Westmount Signs and Printing is a Kitchener-Waterloo based signage and printing company who knows what makes a good sign. Not all signs will work in every area, so we have created a handy guide to signage for each part of your store based on how effective each type is in a specific area. If you would like you learn more about us or would like to get started on a project, feel free to contact us! We provide free mock-ups to ensure your satisfaction. button (1)


Roadside signs are extremely important since they are what first draws a customer in. Naturally, exterior signs will be the best bet due to their durability and size. If you are in a plaza, a pylon sign will do the trick to advertise all stores in the area. Exterior signs are often eye-catching when they are illuminated so consider illuminated signs or electronic signs. Reader boards are the traditional electronic sign, capable of displaying messages for passersby. For a cheaper option, consider lawn or bag signs. They can be printed vibrantly to ensure visibility.  

Parking Lot

If your retail store has a parking lot, use traffic signs! Not only are they for safety, they can also indicate where customers can park exclusively for your store. This will make it easier for you to know when you have a customer and easier for them to find a parking spot. A win/win situation!

Building Entrance

Your store's entrance is the perfect place to display your company name and possibly a slogan. It's a staple of signage, and very important in identifying your store as your own. Channel letter signs are extremely popular nowadays to provide illuminated lettering, but you can also use individual cut letters for a more refined and basic alternative. Illuminated signs, which only illuminate at night, are also an option. Keep in mind what your store can afford to look after and what would be most effective for your location.

Store Isles and Store Shelves

Name tags and aisle signs are extremely important for retail stores. Depending on the size of the store, signs like these are often life or death for a customer's ease of access. Tags and signs like these are also good for displaying prices and can be customized to show any sales or deals that might be on while your customers shop.  

Store Exit

Banners are always a good idea not only for a store's exterior, but also its interior. A banner could announce some last minute information to a customer as they leave or wish them a good rest of their day.

Inside Washrooms

If your retail store has washrooms, then washroom signage is your time to show your creative side! Signage designating proper washrooms can be sophisticated or silly. Overhead signage is also a good idea to direct your guests to washrooms for ease of access in an emergency.

Store Floors

Floors are often overlooked for signage possibilities. Why not try something new and use an A-frame sign to advertise deals or products? Using a-frame signs will also increase the attention given to lower shelves where customers could find amazing deals. "Tim and Simon make my job easier. I honestly could not ask for a better partner. We have many large projects with multiple components and a number of moving parts — none of which we can afford to get wrong. Westmount Signs goes above and beyond to ensure that everything is done properly. In the end it comes down to trust and I know I can trust them to get it right." - A property business in Waterloo. Click here to see more of what out customers have to say!  

Westmount Signs Has It All

Whether you're looking for a big electronic sign or aisle labels, Westmount Signs can ensure quality at affordable prices and quick turnaround times. We are happy to provide high-quality signage for Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph. Check out our exterior sign, interior sign, digital printing, vehicle graphics and installation services to see our full range of products and services. If you would like to learn more about us and our services or would like to get started on a project, feel free to contact us at or call us at 519-885-1400. We'll make sure you are looked after. If you are hesitant about your project, don't worry! We provide free mock ups for all of our customers. button (1)