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  • Posted on: June 10, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Is your Cambridge business in need of signage that is appealing to customers after they've walked through your doors? Do you want to inspire your fellow employees and make your mission known? Interior corporate signs are the answer. They are the next step in business marketing, so it is important to use these signs to not only provide excellent decorating alternatives, but also to ensure that those in the building recognize you and your motto. Westmount Signs and Printing offers a wide variety of interior corporate signs for the Cambridge community and others, and we would love to help you take this next step in marketing! If you are curious about our services or would like to get started, contact us today! button

Sage Naturopathic ClinicHow Are They Different?

Since they are meant for the indoors, interior corporate signs are often made from materials that do not need to endure harsh weather conditions. They also have more installation options as opposed to exterior signage, which can only be installed in specific outdoor areas. Signs can be hung from ceilings, nailed to walls, or even stand on their own in a building. At Westmount Signs, we can install your signs for you to ensure they last. Interior corporate signs are often 3D, and use layered materials to provide a more eye-popping sign. This is exactly what a business needs in order to keep a customer's interest.

What Are My Options?

Interior corporate signs come in a wide variety of types to suit every need. They could be simple posters, foam board, directorial signs, lasered and office signage, the list goes on. Westmount can provide your Cambridge business with everything it may need to decorate your office space or create great indoor signage options for any event you attend. Feel free to look at our full list of the interior corporate signs we offer by clicking here.

frostglass_picWhy Interior Corporate Signs?

Interior corporate signs have one very distinct advantage over other types of signs: they can accomplish more. An interior corporate sign can create beautiful door markings, a company sign for the front desk, posters and banners for any business convention or community event and much more. While exterior signs' major purpose is to attract customers, interior signs can have a bit more wiggle room to achieve their goals. It is an excellent way to show your customers your creative side and proves to them that you can adapt your business' logo and motto to any signage that comes your way. Westmount Signs and Printing can help you become as strong a company on the inside as you are on the outside. "Awesome staff, awesome service, awesome results. They always put in effort above and beyond what you expect so that you are completely satisfied. They always have some unique ideas with what you can do, and try to accommodate whenever you need things in a rush. A++ recommended" - Zubair Shahab, CEO, Aunty's Kitchen. Click here to see more of what our customers say. button

Westmount Signs: the Only Supplier You Need

Whether it's menu boards or office directories, Westmount Signs can create any interior corporate sign for your Cambridge business quickly and with quality. Our services don't stop at interior signage though! We can also create exterior signs, vehicle graphics and digital prints as well as install and maintain your signs for a one-stop shop signage solution. If you would like to learn more about our services or pitch an idea, why wait? You can contact us at 519-885-1400 or email us at for any inquiries. We will make sure to be on the other end for you!