Logo Design Tips for New Businesses

  • Posted on: July 9, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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A logo can be a tricky thing for a new business owner to design. A logo needs to be versatile, and yet stand out. A logo needs to be timeless and yet appropriate. Logos are not easy to design, but are an invaluable marketing tool for every business. By following these four points, you will surely get an excellent logo for your business to use.


1. It is Important to Create a Logo That is Unique

It sounds obvious to say that your Logo needs to stand out from the crowd. However, being different for the sake of uniqueness is not what is important. Your logo should serve to demonstrate what it is about your company that sets you apart from the competition. A logo is meant to be a visual representation of your company, and this means that the best thing that a logo can do is visually convey what it is that makes your company special in the marketplace. . splash1-e1304918290968

2. Colour is Key

Colour often takes a back seat in discussions of what is important in marketing, but there is a lot of science behind the importance of colour to people and society. In recent studies it has been proven that colours in the red spectrum tend to illicit a state of alertness, while colours in the blue spectrum tend to illicit responses of creativity. One study even showed that the shade of pink most often seen in Pepto-Bismol has a near instantaneous calming effect on the mind and body. Beyond these reactions, several studies have also shown that darker colours, such a dark blues, dark grays and blacks bring to mind images of authority. Because of this psychological and sociological reaction to colour, it's use can play an important role in the perception of your company as shown in your logo. .

3. Don’t be Afraid to Use Your Name

As you know, the goal of a logo is to have an image that can be used to create brand recognition. While an image alone can be used to do that (such as in the case of Starbucks, BP or Evernote), often taking an image only approach will result in a picture that no one knows the purpose of. Using your name right in the logo allows people to both recognize your logo, and also allows for the uninitiated to know your company by only looking at your logo. .

4. Don’t be Afraid to Consult Professionals

Even if you do not have the money for a big professional logo design, it will be worth your while to solicit some professional input if this type of artistic endeavor is out of your wheelhouse. Creating a logo should be one of the first things that a new business does before it goes out into the marketplace. If this is done, the logo can be put on every piece of documentation your business gives out, causing the items to double as marketing tools. In this way your business will be marketed even while it is simply operating. Professionals will know what goes into a good logo, they will know the optimal colour choices, and they will know the answer to many other questions as well. Questions such as "what types of logos will look best on a screen as compared to paper," or "how will the logo look in different scales," are just a few that professionals know the answer to, because they deal with logos every day. .

Logo Creation Services

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