Inspired Visual Marketing: Window Graphics

  • Posted on: April 27, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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Today's article is the second in a series about creating a visually inspired marketing plan that will help promote your brand and your business. To read last week's article click here. This week we'll be talking about how you can use window graphics to help promote your business' brand.

Why Window Graphics?

nikon window There are several benefits to using window graphics, some of the most notable of them being:
  • They don't require the rental or purchase of new advertising space, you can use your own existing window area
  • Extremely cheap and easy to install
  • They attract attention
    • If used correctly they can help increase brand recognition because you can't miss seeing them
  • Easily interchangeable
  • They can help create a uniform look for your store front
  • Complement and reinforce your corporate identity
To learn more about window graphics, click here.

Get Creative

One of the great things about window graphics are that your opportunities for design are endless. Whether you want to go all out and create a sprawling scene that takes up all of your window space, or if you'd rather use a minimalistic approach, window graphics make expressing creativity easy. Here are some different kinds of window graphics that you can use for your business:
  • Etched window graphicsIMG_20140311_111712
  • Promotional window graphics
  • Full colour window graphics
  • Window film
  • One way vision film

Design Tips

There are several things that you should take into consideration when you're creating your window graphics. Probably the most important rule of thumb is to keep your layout simple. Too many words, pictures, designs, and colours will make your design cluttered and unappealing. Here are a few ways that you can ensure that your window graphic won't get overcrowded:
  • Keep any text short and sweet
  • Use at least 30%-40% as "negative" space
  • Use lighter colours when possible
  • If you're displaying products, place them at varying heights

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