Inspired Visual Marketing: Creating a Brand

  • Posted on: April 27, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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Today's article is the first in a series about creating a visually inspired marketing plan that will help promote your brand and your business. Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not just about statistics and SEO, it's also about being creative and innovative. Read on to find out how you can incorporate creativity into your marketing plan. To read next week's article click here.

Determine Your Brand

splash1-e1304918290968 If you're going to come up with a good marketing plan, you need to first determine what your brand is. This requires a lot of creativity because you need to consider what your business stands for, what makes your business different from other businesses in your industry, how you want to be seen in the marketplace, and what makes your company special. It's going to take a lot of creativity to communicate these key details about your business in a simple and easy way. One of the best ways to communicate this is through creating a sign.

Represent Your Brand

To come up with a good design for the sign that's going to represent your brand, you need to keep three things in mind:
  1. Communication: It's extremely important that your sign sends a message and establishes a connection with its audience. Ideally it will trigger some sort of emotional response that will encourage the viewer to take action.
  2. Research: You need to make sure you understand your audience so you can communicate with them in their own "language," and say something that they want to hear.
  3. Purpose: Every detail of your sign should be intentional. Experiment with different shapes, text, colours, font, etc. to come up with the perfect representation of your business. To learn more about designing your sign with purpose, click here.

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