Envelope Printing in Kitchener Waterloo

  • Posted on: January 17, 2017
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Envelope Printing in Kitchener Waterloo
Westmount Signs & Printing is pleased to announce the recent installation of a Digital Multi-Media Print System. This new print system allows for the production of full colour envelopes and carbonless forms. If you are looking for envelope printing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph, contact us at Westmount Signs.


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What the Digital Printer Does

The new Digital Multi-Media Print System can take care of all your envelope printing needs. No matter the size, this new printer can handle envelopes from smaller A2s and invitation style sizes to the standard #10s and all the way to large 9 x 12 envelopes. Your graphics can wrap around the envelope onto the back flap increasing the likelihood of recipients to open and read its contents. Westmount Signs & Printing can add your variable data, allowing for the printing of the recipients' address directly onto the envelopes. Below are some standard envelop sizes and some of their uses.

Types of Envelopes to Print

[caption id="attachment_8653" align="alignleft" width="225"]image of The New Digital Multi-Media Print System Busy Printing Envelopes at Westmount Signs & Printing The New Digital Multi-Media Print System Busy Printing Envelopes at Westmount Signs & Printing[/caption]
  • #10 Envelopes and #10 Window Envelopes These are the standard envelopes that we all use on a regular basis. They are used to send information sheets, brochures, invoices, etc. There isn’t a lot of real estate on these envelopes, but adding some colour on the front that carries over to the back flap is an excellent way to highlight your business.
  • 6 x 9 Envelopes The 6 x 9 envelopes come in both a booklet style, which opens on the long edge, and a catalog style, which opens on the short end. This is a perfect size envelope for a larger greeting card and is commonly used for half size catalogs and booklets.
  • 9 x 12 Booklet Envelopes Double the size of the 6 x 9, this is the perfect choice to transport full colour catalogs, product sheets and spec sheets.
  • ‘A’ Size Envelopes Announcement envelopes, also called A-style come in six different sizes; they are: A-2, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9, and A-10. These popular sizes are ideal for stationery, photographs, greeting cards, small booklets, and much more.
  • Remittance and Offering Envelopes Whether used by a church, non-profit organization or fundraising group, these are great envelopes to reach out to your chosen group. Many of these envelopes feature full “flaps” that cover all the contributors’ private information.
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Westmount and Envelope Printing

[caption id="attachment_8897" align="alignright" width="300"]image of the Envelope Printing for the Heimbecker Mortgage Group Envelope Printing for the Heimbecker Mortgage Group[/caption] Don't let the opportunity to advertise, inform and interest your customers slip away. With some extra attention to the design and colours, you will catch your recipients’ attention and they’ll be eager to open that envelope. It may be the difference between landing a new customer or your marketing materials ending up in the trash. Our friendly and professionally trained staff are capable of meeting all your envelope printing needs. We can design the graphics for your logo, or you can use your own graphics. In addition, we can take care of printing the documents that are being mailed.

Why Use Westmount Signs for your Printing Needs

[caption id="attachment_6950" align="alignleft" width="300"]image of the postcards for Millstream Foods Postcards for Millstream Foods[/caption] Westmount Signs & Printing provides a broad range of affordable printing services in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We are dedicated to providing the region with quality services for all sizes of businesses. Our turnaround times are exceptionally quick, so you can be confident that you will receive your completed project the way that you expected it to be, in a timely manner. In addition to printing, we offer exterior and interior signs, sign maintenance and installation services, and vehicle graphics. If you have any questions about your marketing projects, call us at 519-885-1400 or connect with us by email at sales@westmountsigns.com.