101 Things You Should Bring To A Trade Show

  • Posted on: February 22, 2017
  • by: S42Dev

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101 things you should bring to a trade show
A trade show is an excellent place to get your business noticed. From choosing eye-catching trade show banners to selecting printed materials for customers to take away, the planning behind your booth can be a daunting task. Our team are experts at helping you look professional and get the visibility that you deserve. Since there are so many small but also important things that you need to remember to take with you to a trade show, we have created a checklist that will help you prepare your display and maximize your exhibit's effectiveness.

Please download the checklist below.

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Items to Bring to a Trade Show

Trade Show Banners / Signage:

Trade show banners are the easiest and most effective way for you to stand out from your competitors at a trade show. You only get a split second to make a positive impression on your target audience...make it count!  When designing your booth consider the space you have available and the decor you plan to incorporate. You might need a horizontal banner, retractable banner, table top banner or all three. Our experienced graphic designers know exactly how to make your brand look sleek and professional.
1. Banners 2. Posters 3. Foamboard 4. Banner Stands 5. Custom Graphics 6. Company logos

Printed Materials / Promotional Items:

In addition to your signs, you should also have printed and promotional items available in your booth. Our team can provide you with all the printed promotional materials you may require.
7. Business cards 8. Brochures 9. Postcards 10. Spec Sheets 11. Press Kits 12. Envelopes 13. Name Tags and Lanyards 14. Company Branded Bags 15. Gift Certificates 16. Coupons 17. T-shirts 18. Stickers 19. Buttons 20. Candy Dish and Candies 21. VIP Giveaways 22. Contest Ballot Box 23. Contest Ballots 24. Contest Pencils

Office Supplies:

You can never be too prepared. Trade show venues are often located on the outskirts of a city and far from convenient shopping. Don't waste your valuable time running out for something you forgot.
25. Adhesive Tape (Clear) 26. Batteries 27. Business Card Holders 28. Brochure Stands 29. Sales Lead Planner 30. Highlighters 31. Markers 32. Company Branded Pens 33. Company Branded Notepads 34. Scissors 35. Zip-lock Baggies - store sample food for later 36. Stapler with Staples 37. Shower Hooks to Hang Signs 38. Table Cloth 39. Company Branded Table Skirting

Cleaning Supplies:

You don't know what state you will find your booth in when you arrive after the previous day's activities. Make sure you have everything you need to make it clean and presentable.
40. Vacuum 41. Carpet Cleaner 42. Glass Cleaner 43. "Goo-Gone" Cleaner 44. Disposable Wipes 45. Garbage Pail - can cost $25 to rent at a trade show! 46. Garbage Bags

Tool Kit for Setup / Repairs:

Be prepared so that your set-up runs smoothly and efficiently. There's nothing worse than being stuck without the tools you require to make your booth look good. Also, things can break when you least expect it, so it is better to have everything you need for any quick fixes.
47. Safety Footwear 48. Double-sided Adhesive Tape 49. Spray Adhesive 50. Glue 51. Carpet Tape 52. Velcro 53. Bungee Cords 54. Twist Ties / Zip Ties 55. Ruler / Tape Measure 56. Cordless Drill 57. Screw Bit Set 58. Handheld Screwdrivers 59. Screws, Nuts, Bolts 60. Plastic Shrink Wrap 61. Hammer 62. Nails 63. Exacto-Knife 64. Putty Knives / Scrapers 65. Electrical Tester for 120V - electrocution hurts


Standing in your booth talking to attendees for long periods of time can be challenging but don't be in a position where you have to leave in the middle of the show and possibly miss out on a great lead.
66. Comfortable Shoes 67. Antiseptic Hand Cleaner 68. First Aid Kit (Bandages & Acetaminophen) 69. Antacid Medicine - for the inevitable hangover 70. Facial Tissues 71. Lip Balm 72. Breath Mints 73. Spare Deodorant 74. Mirror 75. Healthy Snacks (Water, Health Bars, Nuts) 76. Stain Remover 77. Sewing Kit


Make sure you have all the equipment necessary to make your best presentation. There's nothing worse than having your battery die when you need it most.  
78. Lights 79. Camera / Video Camera 80. Presentation Laptop with Power Supply 81. Tablet Display Unit(s) 82. Computer Monitor(s) / TV(s) 83. Internet Hub / Stick 84. USB Memory Stick 85. Outdoor Power Generator 86. Extension Cords 87. Power Bars 88. Cell Phone Chargers 89. Mini-Refrigerator


Make your booth stand out from the crowd with matching furniture and decor items. It also adds comfort to the attendees visiting your booth.
90. Company Branded Carpet 91. Company Branded Chairs 92. Tables 93. Display Shelves


A trade show binder should include the important documents.
94. Trade Show Contract 95. Floor Plan 96. Contest Rules 97. Budget Information 98. Utility Maps / Sketches 99. Cell Phone Numbers 100. Important Contact Information 101. Petty Cash

Banners Bring Business

Attractive trade show banners are possibly the most important assets a company can have at a trade show, but it doesn't stop there. Ensure you are completely prepared by following our helpful checklist. Stop by Westmount Signs & Printing to find out how we can help you design an awesome booth to help promote your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have served the Kitchener-Waterloo area for many years, and we know how to keep our customers happy.