Business Meeting Room Signage – The Best Place to Put Business Meeting Room Signs – Chapter 1

  • Posted on: July 3, 2016
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Best Place to Put Business Meeting Room Signs
Where are the best places to put business meeting room signs? In this, the first chapter of our series on business meeting room signage, we will address the question and provide a selection of answers for you to consider. We will list the places where business meeting room signs can be placed, for example, in the reception area as well as the business room itself, and talk about the pros and cons of each.  Contact us at Westmount Signs for all your business signage needs.

Kids Link interior signWhy You Need Business Meeting Room Signage

Your business meeting room signage subtly conveys a lot of information about you and your company to your prospective clients, customers, and business partners. If your signage is of poor quality, with dated, damaged, scratched, or illegible text, you are telling your business meeting room visitors that they can expect a similar type of service from you. Read here about how poor business signage can affect impressions your visitors might have of you.

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reception signsReception Hall

Bold, stand-out signage in your reception hall is a must for business meeting room signage. When your visitors enter your building, meeting room signage is one of the first things that they should see.  Clear wayfinding signage information that points to the business meeting rooms, and makes a strong impression will convey a positive impression on your visitors telling them that this is a business that knows where it is headed and has the interests of visitors at heart. These signs should be subtly colourful, yet eye-catching,  blending with your company's colours and logo while providing guidance. Don't skimp on reception hall signage.

NorthviewWayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs will direct your visitors to the business meeting room as they begin to negotiate the corridors and hallways that may be well-known to you, but are new territory to them. These types of signs can direct people to meeting rooms and also provide information along the way, such as directions to lunchrooms, washrooms, exits, etc. Signs like these can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Door Signs

Make sure that your business meeting rooms themselves are clearly marked. Clear, bold fonts are best. The signage may also include information that is changeable,  to facilitate the different groups that might be visiting at different times. For example, you may wish to show scheduled meeting times, and the name of the group that will be using the room at that time. This will not only help to assist your guests in finding the location but will also help to avoid double-bookings.

NeuStyle Solutions Ltd Interior SignIn-Room Signs

Your business meeting room itself should have signage in the interior of the room. In-room signage that displays company logos reinforces branding. If it is a large room and a large meeting, it may be appropriate to have custom event signage. This could include banners and posters that direct people to displays and promotional materials.

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