Business Meeting Room Signage – Tips To Designing An Impressive Business Meeting Room Sign – Chapter 2

  • Posted on: July 18, 2016
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Tips to Desigining an Impressive Business Meeting Room Sign
Do you need some tips for how to go about designing an impressive business meeting sign? In this, the second chapter of our series on business meeting room signage, we will search the web to help you come up with three ideas.  We will also discuss some of the materials used in creating business meeting signs.  Contact us at Westmount Signs for all your business signage needs.

business meeting roomTip #1 - Create A Stand-Out Sign

Do you want to create a stand-out sign? Check out this simple dimensional signage that nevertheless, sends out a clear message about the purpose of the room. We wonder if the idea for this sign was hatched in this room? The stark surroundings offer few distractions, and accompanied by the sign, give a clear indication of what is expected here. The lesson  is to ensure that the design expresses the primary role that the room is intended to carry out.

This is a great example of a dimensional sign making a strong impact. Dimensional meeting room signs can be created  in a wide variety of methods including cut out, cast,  moulded, and fabricated. This example comes to us courtesy of


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business meeting room signsTip # 2 - Name Your Rooms

Here is an effective, clear cut, acrylic meeting room sign that accomplishes a couple of things effectively. First, it indicates the name applied to this particular business meeting room - in this case, Tofino. Having specific names ascribed to multiple business rooms is more effective than simply using a series of numbers.

You can choose a series of names that has particular significance to the business. For example, name rooms after  former board members, place names that have particular significance to the business such as satellite locations, or products and brands. Your choices are only limited by your imagination. If you are lacking ideas or are looking for something unusual and memorable, browse through this list from

Secondly, the slider at the bottom moves in either direction, indicating whether the room is in use. This can prevent double bookings and unwanted intrusions.

Tip #3 - Consider Your Corporate Culturebusiness meeting rooms

What is your corporate culture? Is it serious or dignified? Choose business meeting room names that reflect this aspect of your business. Are you a brash and bold - an up and coming start-up? Your business meeting room names might want to reflect that, like this one referenced in an article about Microsoft's new app, and entitled "Meeting Room Of Destiny."

Is your corporate culture innovative, technological, and creative? Choose names that demonstrate that this is who you are. Think of your meeting rooms as places to showcase your cultural symbolism.

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