Using Signs to Create a Corporate Identity

  • Posted on: January 12, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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button (1)Identity represents many things: personality, uniqueness, reputation, and look to name a few. A business’s corporate identity must be able to successfully represent all of these things and more. Every piece of your business, whether it be a sign, store interior, letter, receipt or even a handout pen represents your corporate identity in some way. This article will discuss the importance of a corporate identity, and how signage is able to create effective corporate identity in an efficient manner. Click here to contact Westmount Signs today.

What is a Corporate Identity?

A corporate identity is the persona that a business portrays with their materials, stores, staff and marketing. An effective corporate identity can differentiate a business from its competitors and propel it into a market leading position. This is accomplished through the visual impact that a cohesive corporate identity presents.

StarbucksExample of Corporate Identity Changes

Starbucks Coffee Company is a great example of a corporate identity that has changed over the years. Their identity has moved from a complicated brown logo to a simple green one. Note how the newest logo does not have any words. This is the ideal scenario for a corporate identity as it transcends languages and geography.

What Impact Does Signage Have?

Signage is the initial point of contact with the customer and it is what the customer will be on the look out for when they are trying to find information about you either in person or on the web. Great signage should be easily translated between physical and virtual forms.

dimensionalHow Quickly Can Signage Change a Business Corporate Identity?

Marketing is the means by which a business gets information to the consumer, and signs are one of the most effective forms of marketing in both cost efficiency and effectiveness. A recent study by the University of Cincinnati concluded that indoor signage is the 2nd most effective way to get new-product information to customers (beaten only by television ads). Exterior signs took the 3rd place spot behind interior signs. When it comes to efficiency of relaying new information to consumers, interior and exterior signage form an extremely effective marketing strategy that does not require monthly costs or contracts.

Westmount Signs and Digital Printing

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