Top 7 Craziest Signs

  • Posted on: October 24, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Signage can often be bland and hard to notice. Sometimes a sign doesn't work with its surroundings or the customers it's hoping to draw. However, some signs out there know how to appeal to customers and employees alike with their creative solutions and witty humour. Signs like these are great for getting their point across whether for marketing purposes or for safety or direction. In this article, Westmount Signs and Printing decided to find the top seven craziest signs for you to look at and maybe even be inspired by. If you would like to invest in some creative and effective signage, consider contacting us to get started!   button (1)  

#1: Dr. Rabin Chiropractor

chiropractor Why We Love It: This sign is the epitome of to-the-point advertising. In most cities, chiropractors are widely available, which makes it more difficult to be noticed in the profession. What would make you choose Dr. Rabin? For us, it is the unique use of this profession to market their services. It also invites interaction with the sign, which will gain more clients and more interest from around the community. The sign is incredibly unique and easily draws attraction to people passing by on the street. Well done Dr. Rabin!

#2: A Note To Customers

truthful sign Why We Love It: Employer notes left in store windows are always a chance to get creative. Notes are a way of directly interacting with customers and getting a reaction or response. In this case, the employer lets the customer know about purchasing attitudes by taking a humorous approach to the most commonly complained about aspects of the business. This note works well as it diffuses any argument before it can begin, it brings up different points of view, and reasons with a well thought out and well known simple cycle or factors in service. While not the most ground breaking sign, this advertisement definitely proves a point in a simple and humorous way.

#3: Reader Board that Went too Far

animal hospital Why We Love It: This animal hospital sign is able to communicate well to its customers. It definitely fits our criteria since it makes something that could be dull entertaining! Reader board jokes can be done in many different ways, such as pointing out something specific in a community, referencing a popular saying (as shown here) or film, being redundant, and the list goes on. This animal hospital sign just proves that fun can still be had even though the experience of a sick or infected pet may not be the greatest thing in the world.

#4: Interactive Gate

gate Why We Love It: Automated equipment can be confusing at times. For some people, it can become frustrating very quickly. What better way to dilute any tension that with a bit of humour? This sign is easy to read and easy to find, so the property and car owners are both guaranteed to understand the instructions but also to keep things light in a situation that could test your patience.

#5: Easy Communication

a frame chalkboard Why We Love It: A-frame chalkboard signs are extremely popular at restaurants. They are versatile and interactive signs that are perfect for dining. They are close to the ground, allowing everyone to get a chance to look at them. When you are considering what to use to advertise a special deal or sale, consider A-frame signs! The options for a good joke and good advertising are endless.

#6: Using A Coincidence

ironic Why We Love It: Sometimes signs don't have to look special to make it to the top. Our top 7 list includes this gem from a strip mall. This brings to light an extremely important point with signage: use your surroundings. Customers will find your business more interesting if they see that you have given thought to the location, style or shape of your sign.

#7: Keeping It Relevant

tweeting Why We Love It: Technology is huge. It is in every part of our lives. This sign is a great way to remind your customers and employees of safety rules while avoiding the boring preamble. Wayfinding signs such as this one can always use more eye-catching and engaging ways of letting your customers know the rules.   "Westmount Signs provides great products for our business marketing campaigns. We describe what we want and they provide all the options so we can get the best fit for our needs. Better yet, they make sure our purchases are installed properly. We’ll certainly be using Westmount Signs again in the future. Thanks for helping make us more visible!" -Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd Click here to see more testimonials or check out our Google+ page!  

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