Signs vs Television, Newspaper and Outdoor Advertising

  • Posted on: February 23, 2015
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Contact-us-blueSigns are an effective way to market both businesses and specific products. Signage time and again proves itself as one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising as it does not have any significant monthly costs or fees. Compare that cost to the cost of television or newspaper ads, which require a substantial portion of a monthly marketing budget. This article will compare the cost effectiveness of different advertising mediums. Click here to contact Westmount Signs and Printing today.

Cost of Different Marketing Methods

The chart below compares television, newspaper, outdoor advertising (ex: billboard rental) and on-premise signage. The chart below assumes that a business is located in a high-traffic area, and uses that assumption to compare the marketing impact of each advertising medium. The bottom row of the chart estimates the cost per 1,000 exposures for each marketing method. An important conclusion to draw from this table is that signage has by far the lowest cost, costing 7x less then its closest competitor for the same amount of exposures.                           Chart Source [edit: link no longer available]

The Cost Efficiency of Signage

As shown in the chart above, signage is the most cost efficient form of advertising available, costing fractions of what other mediums do to reach the same audience. Research shows that consumers rely on signs, and businesses that don't have adequate signage will suffer for skimping. Signage does not have a monthly subscription cost associated with it, like many other forms of advertising do. This fact alone allows it to have one of the highest ROIs available for marketing services.

How to Optimize your Signage

Signage can be placed effectively in a wide range of ways, but the best places will always be in the natural sight lines of customers, visitors, and drivers. Additional signage can be used to attract customers to other signs, such as with direction signs, but that should only be done as a secondary measure.

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