Increase Sales and ROI with Trade Show Banners

  • Posted on: December 18, 2014
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Contact-us-blueIf you’ve invested money in a trade show booth, then it is in your interest to invest in a well-designed banner stand. A trade show banner stand has many benefits to help you stand out from the competition and reach your marketing and sales objectives. Westmount Signs provides services in the Kitchener Waterloo area. Click here to contact us today.

Advantages of Trade Show Banners

Trade show banners and signs are one of the most effective ways to draw potential customers to your product, and increase revenue. Here are a few of the many advantages that trade show banners and signs can offer:
  • Cost-effective marketing method that can be used countless times at no added cost. There is a banner for every budget, prices range from $120-$2000.
  • Can be used in multiple settings to deliver your business/event message, including business meetings, stage presentations, special events and conference room displays.
  • Visually striking graphics and content will set you apart from your competition and will attract visitors to your booth.
  • Banners use minimal space and are reusable.

Banner Types and Size Specifications

Westmount Signs and Printing can prepare a trade show banner for you to use in any size and format. They are a great marketing tool that will boost the visibility of your business, increase brand awareness, and speak to your key selling points. Material options range from vinyl to fabric, and with proper care a banner will last for years. Types and available arrangements include the:
  • Retractable Banner Stand: Collapses to a small size when not in use. Can easily fit in the back seat or trunk of a car.
  • L Banner Stand: Features an "L" shaped support/base that is effective at holding large banners for a low price.
  • X Banner Stand: Features an "X" shaped support/base that is effective at holding large banners for a low price.
  • Telescopic or Pole Tension Stand: Collapsable stand that allows the banner to be coiled up inside the base when not in use.
  • Motorized, Scrolling Banner Stand: Can continuously scroll between two or more banners. The added motion can attract more viewers.
  • Outdoor Banner Stand: Works in a similar way to the "L" or "X" banner stands, but features a much heavier base that will keep the banner upright in wind and bad weather.

Where to Place a Banner

Banners should be placed in high visibility, high traffic areas near the front of any booth or display. You want to avoid placing a banner near the back of a display as it will not be delivering its full impact there. Banners can also be placed at doors or intersections at trade shows in order to guide visitors to your booth.

Tips for Designing an Effective Banner

When creating and designing your next banner, here are a few tips to consider:
  • Target your market's needs and wants: research your buyers and find out what it is that they like to see before they decide to purchase. Cater your banner's information to the information that they most desire
  • Less is More: people don't want to spend 2 minutes reading your banner to find out relevant information. Make a banner simple and easy to read.
  • Utilize Images: the age old expression "a picture speaks a 1000 words" is very applicable to banners. Instead of filling a banner with text, use a few headlines and then grab audience attention with striking images that are arresting to the eyes.
  • Don't Be Afraid of White Space: resist the urge to fill out every space on your banner with content. Remember that less is more and that sometimes means including generous amounts of white space. White space can help enhance the content that you do have.

Who Should You Purchase a Banner From?

You should consider purchasing a banner from a company that has extensive experience with not just banners, but a history of graphic design, marketing solutions, and experience with trade shows. Westmount Signs and Printing has extensive experience with graphic design, offers many full marketing solutions and is very familiar with the intricacies of trade show displays. Simon, our marketing director, has attended a multitude of shows and specializes in organizing and executing trade shows. Contact us today to learn more about Simon's trade show expertise and experience.

Westmount: The Only Supplier You Need

Westmount Signs is highly experienced in all things signs and printing. Our team of experts can offer a full array of solutions on top of banners to get your business the visibility it needs. We save you time by managing all aspects of every signage, graphics, and printing project for you. Check out what our customers have to say about us here. We also install, service, and maintain all of your signage products.

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