Digital Signage vs Traditional Signage

  • Posted on: June 1, 2015
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One of the most important decisions a business can make is whether they would prefer digital signage or more traditional options. People want signage that matches the aesthetics of their business, meaning that more modern companies tend to go with modern digital signs and vice versa. While this is usually the case, some companies have had success in mixing modern with traditional styles. Contact-us-blue Thispage will discuss the pros and cons of using digital and traditional signage in the hope of helping you decide what will work best for your business. To view our full list of products and services, click here now!

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Digital Signage

Digital signsDigital signs are marketing outlets that use a digital medium to display an image on a screen. These types of signs have become increasingly popular in the past few years as companies compete to maintain technologically advanced enough to ensure they're serving the customer in the best possible way. However, does an increase in technology necessarily mean an increase in customer and business convenience? In some ways it certainly does, but it also has some drawbacks. Here are some of the positives that you can find by choosing digital signage:
  • Attracts Attention Easily: Digital signs can have bright screens and motion capabilities, meaning that they will draw people's attention.
  • Multiple Signs in One: The display of the sign can be changed at any time, meaning that updates are only a moment away if there's something you need to change.
  • Connectivity: These digital signs can connect to the internet which means that updates and social media platforms can be included in the display.
  • Reduced Long-term Costs: The initial cost of digital signs may be higher than most options, but the cost to update and run one are minimal in comparison to printing new signs.
As you can see, there are some convincing reasons to go with digital signage for your company. However, here are a few of the drawbacks you might find with the digital option.
  • Too Much Activity: Some people find digital signs difficult to read or pay attention to, especially those with changing screens.
  • Expensive Initial Cost: As mentioned, the initial cost is substantially higher than other options.
  • Technological Errors: A broken digital sign can bring a lot of inconveniences and can be costly if the repairs are serious.

Traditional SignageCustom A-Frame

These signs have proven to be effective, but they're beginning to take a back seat to the growing digital signage movement. Still some prefer to use traditional signage because of it's other benefits. Here are some of the pros:
  • Little to No Maintenance: Once a traditional sign is made and installed, you can relax and enjoy it. If any maintenance is ever needed Westmount can provide those services for you.
  • Offers More Options: Traditional signs can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so you won't be limited to a square panel.
  • Cheap Initial Cost: Printed signs are available at the fraction of the cost of digital signs.
  • Nostalgia: These kinds of signs can give a company a nostalgic and more comfortable environment.
  • Interior or Exterior: Traditional signs are perfect for the exterior of businesses because they have no wiring.
Like digital signage, traditional signage has a number of positive qualities. They also have some drawbacks that digital signage can cover. Here are some of their cons:
  • Can't be Changed: In most cases, once a sign is made or printed, it cannot be changed.
  • Costly in the Long Run: Having to print out or build new signage can become expensive in the long run, though the initial cost is cheap.
  • Not as Eye-catching: With the exception of some incredibly designed or complicated traditional signs, these signs do not catch your eye as quickly as some of the more flashy digital options.


Both digital and traditional signs have their place in business. If you're in a business with flexible finances and enjoy the option of having web connectivity, then digital signs are for you. If you want something more simple and cost effective and plan on keeping your business standard, then traditional signs may be your best option.

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