Business Community Leadership

  • Posted on: January 7, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Contact-us-blueCommunity leadership, coupled with knowledge, skill, volunteering, networking and the willingness to form local partnerships have all been identified as key indicators of successful socially responsible businesses. Click here to contact Westmount Signs and Printing today to learn more about our community leadership roles, or read on to learn more about the advantages of being a socially responsible business.

wooden afterPriorities for a Socially Responsible Business

A key priority for a socially responsible business should be the ongoing drive to develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the community. Businesses that take an active interest in community well-being can generate community support, loyalty and generosity.

Ways a Business Can Get Involved

Businesses engaging in effective community relations and involvement projects typically also conduct outreach in the community. This outreach aims to prevent or solve local problems, nurture social partnerships, and generally contribute to the overall quality of life in the community. Businesses can also build community relationships by contributing money, time and resources. An example of this would be:
  • Sponsoring community events, such as fundraisers or sports teams.
  • Providing materials, consulting and other resources pro bono.
  • Partnering with startups and newer businesses, helping them get off on the right foot.

The Result of Community Leadership

community_safetyBusinesses should seek to have ongoing relationships in their local communities, sharing common interests and concerns. It is possible to enhance business performance, profitability and reputation through your community involvement efforts. Your community relationship priorities should depend on local circumstances and your business strategy, capabilities and assets. You will want to consult others, including your employees and community groups, to help determine where to invest time and resources in your community relations program. Overall, being an active community supporter is not only great for the image of your business, but is also a great personal accomplishment to strive towards. Westmount Signs prides itself on being an active community supporter. Click here to read more about Westmount Signs efforts in the Kitchener Waterloo community.