6 Key Signage Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing Signage For Your Business

  • Posted on: June 2, 2015
  • by: S42Dev

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Getting a business together is hard enough. Coming up with products, services, tasks and team members takes thought, organization and a good sense of the future outcome. However, advertising yourself can get even trickier. Signage, the primary way of advertising, is easy in theory but can become really challenging if you don't know where to start or what to look for. Westmount Signs and Printing has put together six handy tips for you and your business to get started on signage design. Our services include sign creation and installation for all store types as well as other marketing solutions to add flair to a business. If you are interested in our services, have questions, or would like to get a project started, contact us!  

Kids Link interior sign1. Colour Choice

Arguably one of the most important steps in signage design, colour choice will directly affect what potential customers think of your business. Use colour schemes to help in your decisions and try to stick to bright, recognizable colours. Digital printers will often use colour printing schemes of red, yellow and blue, so take that into account when designing your signage to get the best outcome. One way you can add emphasis is by using contrasting colours. This will make your sign even more recognizable and will provide good readability.

2. Cut to the Chase

A business should never include fluff in their signage. If you are offering a service, say it! By keep it short and simple, you are helping the customer understand exactly what you're about and whether or not your service would benefit them. Failing to shorten a sign could lead to disinterested customers, confusing messages or accidentally appealing to the wrong audience.

interior-sign3. Use a Focal Point

Understanding where your customer will look on your sign is crucial to effectively creating one. Signage will tend to have centered text, balanced visuals and a good sense of what shapes to use. Creating a sign without balance will lead to the customer's eye following its elements out of the picture, which will make it hard for them to remain interested in it. It may help to use basic geometric shapes in your layout so you know where to place things beforehand.

4. Appeal to the Customer

Any business will know that it is important to know your target audience. This will affect the shape of your sign, the word choice, the style and the colours. For example, a business aimed at teenagers may use saturated colours, bold fonts and shapes with high-energy wording. However, a business aimed at a middle-aged audience may opt for a subtler, more sophisticated colour scheme, font and shape, with simpler wording.

Acrylic 15. Think About Size

Where is your sign going? How far away will potential customers be and can your sign reach them? These are questions to take into consideration when deciding on the size. Exterior signs will need to be larger since they have a bigger chance of being seen by a potential customer. Make sure to take font into account with size as well. Big, block fonts will often be easier to read from a distance as opposed to cursive, italicized or script fonts. Traffic will also play a role in this decision. If you are located near a highway, make sure your sign stands tall. A regular city street will require more artistic ways of grabbing a potential customer's attention.

6. Test Your Design

It can never hurt to try out different designs to make sure you get it just right. Make sure to keep track of your business traffic when putting up different signage to see which design is more effective. Keep your own eyes on your sign throughout the day to make sure it is in the right place, the font size is suitable, etc. As soon as you see something that needs fixing, you'll know you are one step closer to creating the best possible sign for your business.

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