June 6, 2022 Clarence

Custom Stamps

Streamline your business with custom stamps made by Westmount Signs & Printing. Our Modico stamp making system offers an eco-friendly and durable flash stamp, personalised with your text, logos or images! Why do you need a stamp? Stamps can save you time with writing repetitive notes, important document information or as a cost effective branding tool for paper bags and boxes.

Our Stamps Are Flash Stamps

Also known as a permanent stamp, which uses a flash-exposure unit to create a sharp even imprint. This type of stamp offers high yields 10,000-20,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked (depending on design).

Stamps for Loyalty Cards

Our stamps come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, download our stamp catalogue. Westmount Signs & Printing carries three vibrant indelible inks; Red, Blue & Black.


The best part about our Modico system stamps is the eco-friendly process. Stamps are made using light exposure without any emissions or harsh chemicals. And as a bonus many of the stamp components can be reused:

The Flash Stamp

The Ink Pad – Due to the clever design of the flash stamp, the ink pad sits on top of the exposed stamp plate, allowing ink to be absorbed by the stamp plate. Unlike other stamp systems that use embossed rubber plates, our stamps won’t leave any harsh imprints or dents on the ink pad. This means you can reuse your ink pad indefinitely, just by refilling the ink!

Stamp Case

The Stamp Case or housing can be reused by simply swapping out the existing stamp or ink pad and adding new ones.

The only element of our stamp system that cannot be reused is the stamp plate. Once the stamp plate has your text or logo exposed to it, we cannot change it or add to it. But we can make you a brand new plate, should you ever wish to change your stamp.

Let our team at Westmount Signs & Printing assist you with all your custom stamp needs. With our team of graphic designers, we can also assist with creating a unique stamp to suit your needs.

Popular stamp uses include:
– Logo & Reward Card Stamps
– Deposit stamps
– Thank you & Wedding Stamps
– Address stamps