The Benefits of Business Brochures

  • Posted on: July 8, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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Over the past decade there has been an explosion of online businesses and marketing. The rise of the internet has resulted in business owners forgetting the importance of offline marketing. Whether you are launching a new product, advertising services, promoting a new business, or marketing an existing company, a professionally developed business brochure will effectively and inexpensively raise awareness for your products and services in the offline world. Read on to find out how business brochures can make an impact on the marketing plan for your business.

1. A Good First Impression

A professionally designed business brochure will be sure to wow your customers. A full colour brochure will reflect positively on your business for all those who are exposed to it. In the business world everyone knows the importance of first impressions, and how quickly they are made. A readily available and professionally created business brochure will look impressive to any potential customers.

2. Provides An Introduction

Business brochures provide a great way to introduce your company to target customers. A brochure gives you the opportunity to offer a complete summary of your company to prospective customers in one easy to access place. Not many website visitors are going to take the time to go through your entire website to get to know your company. A business brochure is more likely to be read in its entirety than your website and make a good impression on your target customers. An interesting and well-written brochure is an ideal tool for new businesses that want to get their target audience interested in knowing more about your company.

3. Establishes Credibility Brochure Set

A well designed, clearly defined corporate brochure projects the values, purpose and objectives of a company in an extremely credible way. To establish credibility through your brochure it must:
  • Be to the point
  • Have no filler content
  • Have a clear, single message
  • Be concise
The more cohesive and concise your brochure is, the more likely your target audience is going to believe that your company can deliver its products or services.

4. Acts as a Call to Action

A corporate brochure can be used to help prospective customers make a decision regarding your products and/or services. The design and content of your brochure will directly impact how your target audience chooses to act. If you take the time to create an effective brochure, it can become a call to action that will ensure potential customers make a decision in favour of your company.

5. Cost EffectiveBrochure EG

Print advertising is much cheaper than broadcast advertising. Paper is extremely inexpensive and the only part of brochure printing that can possibly be expensive is the ink. Even then you can determine the quality and cost of the ink you want to use in order to control costs. As a form of print advertising, brochures are an inexpensive marketing tool that can be used in several different ways:
  • Information for tourists (e.g. maps)
  • Information on a special discount or sale
  • Summary of a company
    • History
    • Services/goods
    • Fun facts
Overall, brochures can represent an organization in an extensive manner that other forms of advertising simply can't. Those few that can often cost more money (e.g. television commercials). They also have the ability to hold a potential customer's interest and thus interact with them longer than online advertisements. Brochure design is a highly productive marketing tool as long as it is aligned with the nature of the business and target audience in order to reap maximum benefits.

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