Westmount Signs is a highly skilled industry leader with a great design team that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Pylon signs are one of the many interior and exterior types of signs that we create and/or renovate, depending on your needs. Read on to learn more about what pylon signs can do for you, and how we increase visibility for your business whether you’re located in a shopping center, a strip mall, or if you have your own building. Click here to view the different options you have for outdoor signage.


Pylon signs are freestanding structures that are built directly into the ground with a visible support structure. They are usually at least 12 feet high, which makes them highly visible to the surrounding area. Our team will help you design, create and install a sign that will project your business brand and attract customers. It is important to note that pylon signs, along with other kinds of outdoor signs, are limited by city regulations and must adhere to by-laws.


There are two types of of pylon signs to choose from: illuminated and non-illuminated. We are capable of designing both types of signs with or without an electronic display underneath. Including an electronic display will improve your signs visibility, especially at night. However, both kinds of pylon signs are guaranteed to be seen far and wide.


You can also choose to have a pylon sign that has your design and message on one or both signs. Depending on where you would like your sign to be either option is plausible. If you want your sign on a street corner, then a double-sided sign would make more sense so that traffic on both sides of the street can see it. However, if your sign is going to have its back to your business, then it doesn’t make sense for you to make it double-sided.


Another way that you can customize your pylon sign is by choosing to have one or two posts that extend from the sign into the ground. While there is some structural concern when it comes to this decision, it is mainly based on what you want your sign to look like!

Upper Cut Barber shop Pylon

Activa Pylon


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