Creating an Attractive Business Card

  • Posted on: January 10, 2014
  • by: S42Dev

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A business card is one of the most cost and size efficient forms of marketing a company can do. Making a great first impression with a well designed card is vital to capturing a client's attention, and keeping their interest focused towards your company. Westmount Signs is an expert in the design and printing of business cards, and is able to create the perfect card for your business.  

ourwork8Types of Business Cards

Basic Cards: A basic business card features black ink printed on a white card. It is a simple, no nonsense approach, which can appeal to traditional clients who would be turned off by a fancy design

Picture Cards: Having a face attached to a card can help the customer remember your business better by identifying it with a person. A image or sketch of a product or service can also be used, and is often more efficient then writing a dozen words. Add colour to the card to attract the eye of anyone viewing the card.

Tactile Cards: Having a unique feel to a card can differentiate it, and make it stand out. The card could be printed on textured paper, wood, or metal. These type of cards are considerably more expensive as the materials and printing is much more complicated compared to standard material cards. However, it may be the difference needed to stand out.

Multi-Purpose Cards: A business card does not need to simply contain contact information. It can often also include some valuable information that the customer will want to look at in the future - such as a coupon, appointment reminder, or a map. By bundling additional function to the card, there is a much greater chance that the customer will take a second look.

Creative Card: There is no set rule about what information, colours, or theme a business card must follow. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. Cards can be made of chocolate, folded into intricate shapes, or be a USB stick. A unique card that has not been seen anywhere else will certainly grab a client's attention.


Designing a Card

A business card is one the most important and impacting items with your clients. It's design should not be taken lightly. A poorly designed card will come across as amateur and unprofessional, while a good card will draw clients in. If you have a design in mind, contact us today, and use our file uploader, and we will have your design printed in no time. Westmount Signs also has experienced designers that are ready to create a highly professional business card that focuses on your businesses target market. We are the only provider you need for all things design and printing.  

General Tips

  • Try to keep the back of the business card plain white. This allows a client to write information on the back if needed.
  • Always include as many forms of contact information as possible (Phone, Address, Email, Website)
  • WS-LogoInclude a short concise title on the business card (Owner, Engineer, Vice-President). This allows clients to know exactly who they are dealing with. A complex title such as "regional sales and marketing manager" can make the person identified on the card seem like a middle man, whose role is to specific to be of use. The simple title "Manager" would be much better.
  • Design a card that focuses on your audience. For example: A life insurance company should stick to more traditional card which comes across as dependable and familiar. A company that is looking to attract younger customers should have something flashy and noticeable.
  • Order more cards then you think you will need. The goal is to use them up.
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