Business Meeting Room Signage – How To Name A Meeting Room – Chapter 3

  • Posted on: August 3, 2016
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How To Name A Meeting Room
In this continuing series about business meeting room signage, we will take a closer look at some ideas for naming meeting rooms. If you are unsure what to call your new meeting room(s) or are in the process of renaming them, consider some of the suggestions below. Contact us at Westmount to make your dream reality. business meeting room

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Pop Culture

bat caveWhat is going on in pop culture? Consider referencing it in your business meeting room names. For a great example of this kind of thinking, take a look at Hello World's list of conference room names. It is replete with iconic names and images that are memorable, and will immediately catch your interest. The list includes names like "Field of Dreams," "Narnia," "Hotel Yorba," and "Thunderdome." Whatever list of names you choose, the design staff at Westmount are ready to create it using the materials of your choice. button

Reference Your Company History

What is your company's past? Who are its heroes? What accomplishments is your company recognized for? Where are your satellite locations? There are many ways you can reference your company that could inspire your employees and guests while strengthening your branding and driving home your company's message. For example, eBay business meeting roomnames its rooms around the categories on its famous website. They have also named a conference room after Jack Sheng, the first eBay seller to receive a Feedback score of 1 million.

Include Your Employees

Include your employees in the decision-making process. This great idea will go a long way to fostering strong company collaboration, inclusivity, and morale. jello af3e187bbed83dae296182c8020383a2Asking for input from your employees allows them to unleash their creativity, which may have a spillover effect into other areas of work. Find out what your employees are passionate about, what are their likes and dislikes, or engage their sense of humour - like the "Room for Jello" at the left. At Westmount, our staff are experienced professionals that strive to carry out their work to the very highest standards.

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ourwork13Famous People

Consider naming your conference rooms after famous people in history. These could include prime ministers, presidents, heroes, athletes, movie stars, corporate legends, war heroes, legendary characters, famous authors or business leaders.

Specific Purposes

It should go without saying that often the simplest thing to do is name rooms after the specific activities that are most likely to be carried out there. Some examples of this system might be, "The Marketing Room," "The Sales Room," "The Accounting Room," or "The Production Room."

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