Servicing and Converting LED Signs in Ontario

Wondering whom you can turn to for servicing and converting to LED signs and lighting fixtures in Ontario? Westmount Signs & Printing – that’s who!

Our experts have a wealth of experience with all types of signage and lighting options, both outdoor and indoor. If you are looking for assistance servicing or converting fluorescent to LED signs, contact us immediately for prompt, professional service.


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image of the sunrise centre led pylon sign

Sunrise Centre LED Pylon Sign

Why Choose LED Signs Over Fluorescent Lighting?

Fluorescent lighting is the standard that has been used for decades in signage around the world. While it remains the preferred choice over all other lighting options, many business owners are investing in LED lighting.

The future of lighting belongs to LED. Below are a few of the reasons to choose LED lights over fluorescent lights:

  • Low Energy Use: Only a fraction of the power needed for other technologies is required for LED lights.
  • Longer Life: LED lighting features long operational lifetime expectations. This means less frequent replacements.
  • Low-Voltage: A low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination.
  • Sizing: LED’s diminutive size means they can be used in locations and ways that other lighting technologies can’t match.

Our article entitled “LED vs Fluorescent Lighting” elaborates on this topic.

Anita Venugopal

A Refined and Seamless Process

From start to finish this was a refined and seamless process. Wanting to create a storefront sign, that was creative and unique Simon came up with several different options for me to choose from. The LED cut out sign is absolutely stunning and hangs like a piece of art over the door.

Anita VenugopalFounder, Embody Health Centre
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image of wilmot dental care awning

Wilmot Dental Care

LED Conversion and Maintenance

At Westmount Signs & Printing, we have the know-how, the equipment, and the experience to convert any older lighting technology to the most modern lighting technology – LED lighting. In addition, we can service these technologies and provide maintenance for most LED fixtures, even if we did not install them. We have our own aerial lifts so we can convert and maintain signs and lighting fixtures in those hard to reach spots. Set up a maintenance schedule with us and avoid unpleasant surprises.

image of our led signs installation service

Our LED Signs Installation Service

More than just LED Signs

Why continue to have a dimly lit parking lot when a simple call to our Service Department can resolve the problem? Recently, our skilful service team helped brighten up all the outdoor parking lights of a very prominent fast food chain at their north Waterloo location. LED lights were ideal for their operation, under the cold and low outdoor temperature settings during the winter months in Kitchener-Waterloo. Contact us for more information about this service.

Westmount Signs & Printing

Westmount Signs & Printing specializes in a full range of signage, printing and design services. Click here to view our products and services.

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Who Makes The Best Storefront Signs? – Kitchener, Waterloo

Who makes the best storefront signs in the Kitchener -Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph areas? Maybe we are a little biased, but we believe that we do – and our many satisfied customers would seem to back us up! Listed below are some of the reasons that we think we can take pride in our work, and in our status as the premier sign company in the region. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any signage work your business or organization requires.



Expert Design Skills in Creating Storefront Signsimg_3626

Whether you bring your own design or seek help from our team, you can be sure of benefiting from our expert design skills. One way that we can save you time is by managing all aspects of every signage, graphics, and printing project for you. Our complete package also includes the installation, servicing, and maintenance of all of your signage products.

Years of Experience

We have been in the business for over two decades, giving us a wealth of experience and diversity of knowledge like no one else in the business. Our team of experts can handle all your signage and printing requirements and have an excellent reputation as active community members in the Waterloo region.

Front Desk Signage

Front Desk Signage

Wide Range of Materials Available & Technologies Used

We use the latest technologies available to create superior products, such as routered and lasered signs. With our state of the art equipment, we can produce interior and exterior signs, digital printing, and vehicle graphics.


“Have nothing but great things to say about Westmount Signs & Printing, The staff is fantastic, the turnaround time is amazing! and the quality of their work is second to none! I will continue to use them for all my printing and signage! Also, they are working on doing signage for my vehicle right now, and I can’t believe how talented the graphics department is!! Thank you so much!”

-Eric Hoshooley

Owner, Thunderstorm Productions

Superior Customer Service

Our staff provides exceptionally quick customer service, with a minimum turnaround time. We can do all that is required to get your business the visibility it needs. Just ask our multitude of satisfied customers.  Do you still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more answers to your printing and signage inquiries.

Knowledge of Sign Maintenance

Voila Hair

Voila Hair

We are not just in the business of designing and creating signs; we also install and maintain signs. Although we believe in building signs that are durable and stand the test of time, we understand that signs require constant maintenance. We can provide that maintenance as we have the tools and equipment. Our exceptional service team can

  • Change parking lot light bulbs,
  • Paint framing,
  • Troubleshoot lighting issues,
  • Replace sign bulbs and ballasts,
  • Convert neon signs to LED signs,
  • And more!

Competitive Pricing

We don’t use middlemen. Our prices reflect the work that we do for you. We have removed layers from the sign and print industry to allow us to provide you with the most competitive quotes in the area. Come and see us for a free quote for your next signage or printing project.

Coroplast Signs Series – Overview

This post concludes our Coroplast signs series by providing an overview. We give a brief summary of all the other posts in the series. We hope you can use the series as a foundation to gain a better understanding of Coroplast and its many uses. Contact Westmount Signs today for answers to all your questions about Coroplast and other signage materials.


What is Coroplast?

This post defines Coroplast as a type of corrugated plastic, similar to corrugated cardboard, that is both lightweight and strong. The product derives its name from the patented product originally produced by Coroplast LLC, which developed Coroplast. The company operates plants in the United States and Canada.

The article demonstrates some of the key uses of Coroplast including, but not limited to yard signs, real estate signs, new business signs, A-frames, event signs, political signs, and fence signs. Also mentioned is Coroplast’s versatility and effectiveness in advertising that generates more business for its users.

Why Use Coroplast Signs?

coroplast1The second post in the series provides some reasons Coroplast is an excellent and popular choice for signage. It points out that it is visually appealing, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor uses, and cost effective. The article compares Coroplast to other materials such as cardstock, cardboard, and plastic sheeting, demonstrating that it has significant advantages.

In addition, the post provides some useful information about different ways that you can use Coroplast signs. If you are still unsure if Coroplast is the right choice for you, simply contact us for more information and advice.

Westmount Signs has always stepped up to the plate to deliver all our printed needs and sign needs for more than 8 years. They help us represent our brand and have always delivered, even on short notice. They have even arranged special pick up when the store was closed and they ensure I am well pleased with the final product. They value getting it right for the client and they follow through to ensure we are well pleased! I highly recommend Westmount and am thankful they jump each time I call!”

-Brent Ferguson, CMO/Managing Director, Brentwood Livery

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coroplast signMore Uses For Coroplast

Having provided a description of what Coroplast is made of, and mentioning its basic construction, this post provides even more potential uses for the product. These include point of purchase displays, floor signs, retail toppers, and life-size cut-outs.

A series of attractive photographs are provided to help visualize what these uses might look like. Coroplast has many more uses than even those described in this series of posts. If you have an idea for how to use the product to benefit your business or organization, you can trust us to turn your idea into reality.

Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

This article, entitled, “Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge,” summarizes in two main paragraphs both the benefits of Coroplast signs, and the types of locations where they can be used. Coroplast printing can be carried out in a wide range of colours due to product’s white surface.

The product’s versatility includes its resistance to bending or breaking; a limited amount of resistance to rain and sun damage; its printability; and resistance to fading or rubbing. These attributes make it ideal for indoor use, and suitable for some short term outdoor use – despite being primarily intended for indoor use. Finally, the post suggests that it is an excellent signage option for business owners in the Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge areas.

coroplastWhat Next?

We hope that you have enjoyed this informative series about Coroplast, and its many potential uses.  Your next step should be to connect with us if you are considering using a Coroplast sign in an upcoming signage project. Our friendly, informative, and expert staff are ready to answer any questions you might have about your project and assist you in bringing it to fruition.  The quick links below list all the posts in the series and lead you to the answers you need.

The Coroplast Sign Series

Coroplast Signs Series – What is Coroplast?

Coroplast Signs Series – Why Use Coroplast Signs?

Coroplast Signs Series – More Uses for Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Coroplast Signs Series – Overview

Coroplast Signs Series – More Uses For Coroplast Signs

Have you ever wondered where to buy Coroplast, that light plastic board you see used in signage almost everywhere? One place to look is your local leader in sign technology and creation. If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph region of Ontario, you can find the experts at Westmount Signs. We specialize in all different types of signage projects, including those constructed of Coroplast. Contact us if you are looking for a cost-effective, lightweight, and strong product for your next signage project.



What Is Coroplast Made Of?

Coroplast has a similar appearance to cardboard. That’s why sometimes it is referred to as plastic cardboard. The product is made of  polypropylene or polypropylene copolymer plastics sheets. The sheets are extruded so that they resemble corrugated cardboard. In place of the wavy or curvy appearance of cardboard, however, Coroplast is formed with square channels known as flutes. The flutes can run horizontally or vertically depending on the customer’s needs.

where to buy coroplastWhat Is Coroplast Used For?

The product can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from shipping boxes to model airplanes. However, it is probably best known for its use in the signage industry. In our previous post, we examined some potential sign uses for Coroplast. Listed below are a selection of signage uses for the product.

An important note to remember is that these signs are good for both indoor and outdoor applications. Although not suitable for long term outdoor signage, Coroplast is strong enough to withstand all but the worst weather. The product is also water resistant making it ideal even in damp, rainy or snowy weather.

Point of Purchase Displays

This image from Garden Centre Marketing is a great example of how Coroplast can be used in a point of purchase display. The sign is bright and colorful, immediately catching the eye. It can easily be used to create point of purchase display signage to attract attention to new products, promotional products, special features and more.

To the right is another point of purchase display. coroplast This one is a self-standing unit Pinned by Ondřej Bahula | Onto POS/POP displays and built to present Air Wick products in an eye-catching manner.
The various component parts of the display are constructed of Coroplast. These parts are assembled, usually on site, to create a sturdy display unit. Although lightweight in construction, Coroplast is strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for this type of unit.

Bring your idea to us at Westmount Signs and we will work with you to design and manufacture the signs that you require.


coroplastFloor Signs

Floor signs are a common way to attract interest in your business. Simple to design and build, they often have a fold-out flap at the back of the sign or are created for use with an A-Frame.
Check out this one that we created for KW Redeemer.  These signs are inexpensive and easy to produce, making them great for retail stores, hairdressers, restaurants, non-profits, and many other types of businesses and organizations.  The signs can easily be removed from the A-Frame and replaced with a new message when your requirements change.


Retail Topperscoroplast

The example in the image to the right is for gas pump toppers, but consider the wide range of uses that the retail industry has for toppers. They can be attached to racks, spinners, counter displays – you name it, Coroplast can do it. To get your project rolling, simply contact us at Westmount Signs and we will walk you through the entire process.


“Westmount Signs is one of the best K-W companies we have worked with. They are very professional, have great ideas and make beautiful signs. We love the signs they made for us and would recommend them to anyone.”

Claudia Luke

King East Dental Care

Manulife Classic Ground Signage

Life Size Cut Out Signs

Does your business sponsor a sporting event? Are you advertising an upcoming event featuring a guest speaker? Do you need to create a display featuring famous historical people? Are you planning a children’s event with a selection of characters?

Life size cut outs are great for drawing attention to specific people in an inexpensive and eye-catching way.

Westmount Signs

Consider us for all your Coroplast and other signage needs. We have a growing reputation in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph region for excellence in the sign industry.

Whatever your project, we can design it, create it, install it and maintain it. Contact us now to get your next signage project underway.

The Coroplast Sign Series

Coroplast Signs Series – What is Coroplast?

Coroplast Signs Series – Why Use Coroplast Signs?

Coroplast Signs Series – More Uses for Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Coroplast Signs Series – Overview

Coroplast Signs Series – Why Use Coroplast Signs?

The second installment in our Coroplast Sign Series is entitled, “Why Use Coroplast Signs?” Read on to find out why we think that Coroplast signs can be the solution to many of your signing needs.  Contact us if you are looking for a cost-effective, lightweight, and strong product for your next signing project.


_smcoroplast2Why Is Coroplast a Good Choice?

Although there are better choices for long term signs, Coroplast’s adaptability makes it an excellent choice for many short-term uses – both indoors and temporarily, outdoors. The product is cost-effective yet provides a strong visual presence. Its benefits include the fact that it is a lightweight product, making it easy to handle, yet effective in a variety of situations. Coroplast’s light quality can be attributed to its corrugated plastic structure. This innovative structure allows the product to blend both strength and durability with a lightweight construction. Read more about Coroplast’s benefits on our products and services page.

Indoor And Outdoor Use

This versatile product is suitable for both indoor and temporary outdoor use. Simple vinyl graphics can be applied to the product, allowing you to present your message to your customers. The product can be cut to a wide variety of sizes and used in a variety of ways. It can be placed in sign holders, attached to walls, hung from ceilings, attached to stakes, or attached to wired stands. Its rigid plastic construction makes it durable enough to be used outside – even in Canadian winters!

coroplast_lawn_signSome of Coroplast’s Advantages

Coroplast is tougher than cardboard, fibreboard, and card stock. It is also considerably lighter than solid plastic signs. Although often used as temporary signage, Coroplast is durable enough to last for up to two years in the outdoors, although due to its lightness, it can be susceptible to extremely high winds. The product can be cleaned easily, is stain resistant, and waterproof.

What Should My Coroplast Sign Look Like?

Coroplast can be cut to any sign size you require and comes in a variety of colours. This allows you to create a simple design with a simple message or let your creative juices flow with something more intricate. Signs can be used to display your business name, advertise a special, announce an upcoming event, provide directions, direct business traffic, provide temporary information, display restaurant specials, and so much more. Bring your design to us at Westmount or, if you are unsure of what you want to do, talk to one of our design specialists.

office-594132_1280Why is Westmount a Great Choice?

At Westmount, we live and breathe signage. Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of signage including design, creation, installation, service, and maintenance. Coroplast signs are simple to make and can be created quickly. Find out what our growing list of satisfied customers already know – that we provide customer service that is second to none.

“I have used Westmount Signs for all of my signage and printing and recommend them to anyone looking for great quality work, for good value, that is delivered with exceptional professionalism.”

-Dr. Rahima Hirji

Naturopathic Doctor, Sage Naturopathic Clinic

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The Coroplast Sign Series

Coroplast Signs Series – What is Coroplast?

Coroplast Signs Series – Why Use Coroplast Signs?

Coroplast Signs Series – More Uses for Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Coroplast Signs Series – Overview

Coroplast Signs Series – What is Coroplast?

Did you ever wonder what that plastic cardboard signage you see everywhere is called? Coroplast is an incredibly useful type of plastic cardboard that makes an exceptional signage platform. It is an excellent choice for advertising messages, slogans, general information, business logos, and much, much more. Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC., and has become recognized around the world for its value and versatility. The product has become so popular that it has become a generic name for corrugated plastic in much the same was as “Kleenex” has become a generic name for paper facial tissue. Contact us if you are planning to create signage in Coroplast, or any other type of signage.


Coroplast Uses

Coroplast has become an advertising and marketing staple over the years since its introduction. It is light, durable, weather resistant, and relatively inexpensive. Here are some quick tips for using Coroplast to create signs that will work for you and your customers.

plastic cardboardYard Signs

Do you have a small business that is mobile and yard focused? Have your signs follow you and your business around! Advertise a painting business like this example which demonstrates how effectively a Coroplast sign can be used . Bring your idea to Westmount and we will create an eye-catching, and effective business sign using your logo and text.


coroplast plastic cardboardNew Business Buzz

Create a little buzz for your business with a Coroplast sign like this one for the Uptown Beauty Lounge. The soft colors chosen to complement the eye makeup makes for an attractive and eye-catching (no pun intended) sign. This sign is sure to draw customers to the new location, increasing sales.


reLawnSign1Real Estate

One of the classic uses for Coroplast is real estate signage. Easy to create, lightweight and durable; these portable signs have long been a mainstay of the real estate industry.  Get your agents noticed with our Coroplast signs. Increase sales and expand your clientele with this simple but affordable marketing solution.


coroplastA Frames & Coroplast

What is the best way to display a coroplast sign? The answer is subjective but an A Frame does provide a stable platform that can show off your sign to best effect.    At Westmount Signs, we are confident that Coroplast signs are great for inserting into A-frames like this one from Uni+Koncept.  We offer two printed inserts with the frame for only $160+ hst.


“Westmount Signs is a dependable company who delivers a great product with fantastic customer service! They are quick, efficient, and always willing to work with you. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to all the projects they have assisted us with over the years at the Children’s Safety Village.”

-Lisa Hummel, 

Coordinator, Children’s Safety Village.

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temporary-lawn-signsSmall Businesses

Do you need a haircut? Small businesses can find many uses for Coroplast as it is such a versatile advertising tool. This simple series of signs advertising haircut specials is a great example of how Coroplast can be adapted to temporary usage for a business that wants to get a quick message across to their potential customers.


coroplastEvent Signs

Are you planning an event? Coroplast signs are a great choice for getting your business noticed.

This rectangular sign points out that Manulife is the sponsor of the golf event, and does it economically, effectively, and attractively.


coroplast_lawn_signPolitical Signs

Are you running for political office? Without a doubt, one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of getting your name and your message in front of a lot of people is to use Coroplast signage. Distribute the signs easily, and have your team gather them up the end of the campaign.  Coroplast political signs are a must for any serious political candidate.

coroplastFence Signs

This sign is full of information and details about a Kitchener Blues Festival workshop. The grommets make it possible to attach the sign to a fence, allowing for greater visibility and exposure. Coroplast is a remarkably flexible plastic cardboard product with a multitude of uses. Bring your idea to Westmount Signs and we will assist you to  create affordable signage in Coroplast.

Coroplast (Plastic Cardboard) Signs Mean More Business

Coroplast signs translate into more business! Stop by Westmount Signs and find out what we can do to help promote your business using plastic cardboard Coroplast signs. Our knowledgeable staff are friendly and prepared to help you with all your signage needs. Ask them to share their ideas and see how quickly those ideas can become reality. Having served the Kitchener-Waterloo area for many years, we know Coroplast products, and we know how to keep our customers happy.

The Coroplast Sign Series

Coroplast Signs Series – What is Coroplast?

Coroplast Signs Series – Why Use Coroplast Signs?

Coroplast Signs Series – More Uses for Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Coroplast Signs Series – Overview

Banner Making in Kitchener Waterloo

Do you need to generate attention? Do you have a new product or service to advertise? Are you changing locations? Banners are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out to the general public that something good is going on at your location! Banner printing is one of our specialities. Contact us now if you are planning to buy banners for a temporary purpose. We are the premier banner maker and banner printer expert in Kitchener-Waterloo.


BannerAdvertise A Grand Opening

Advertise a grand opening by using an inexpensive, temporary banner sign. Many people are not aware of changes in the areas where they live and work. Banner signs are large and, as they generally stand out from their surroundings, noticeable.

By placing a bright, colourful banner over the top of your window or on the side of a building, you can create a lot of buzz quickly.

Star Performance Academy bannerUse Banners To Launch Campaigns

Banners are a simple, cost-effective way to advertise. Businesses are always looking for ways to create interest, draw attention, and attract new clients to their location. What better way to do it than with an inexpensive vinyl banner sign? They are quick and easy to make, adaptable for use in more than one location, and inexpensive to buy.

Are you advertising a new product? Are you launching a new campaign? Do you have a special offer that you want to promote? A banner ad may be your best solution.

Chelsea Market banner and individual cut lettersCreate A Renovation Banner To Calm Fears

Are you undergoing major renovations and worried about your traffic? Perhaps you should consider a banner ad. Renovations can affect your business, especially if they are visible from the outside of your property.

A large dumpster, scaffolding, and stacks of building supplies are all tell-tale signs that the interior of your building may be in turmoil. Give your customers another sign – a banner sign to show them that all is well and you are still open for business. Keep your customers coming through your doors and simply remove the sign when the work is finished, or replace it with an announcement that renovations are complete!

“Westmount Signs is a dependable company who delivers a great product with fantastic customer service! They are quick, efficient, and always willing to work with you. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to all the projects they have assisted us with over the years at the Children’s Safety Village.”

-Lisa Hummel, 

Coordinator, Children’s Safety Village.

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Factory Shoe Moving bannersDesign a “Moving” Banner to Build Buzz

Are you moving to a new location and don’t want to risk losing your loyal clientele? Invest a little money in a vinyl banner ad and achieve peace of mind. Your clients will know in an instant that a move is afoot, and you will generate buzz and excitement before you even make the move. The sign can be simple, colourful, and use large bold fonts. Before you know it your customers will be talking about the move, telling their friends, seeking out the new location, and counting down the days until your grand re-opening.!

banners-300x146Make Your Building The Centre of Attention

Do you have a massive building project underway? Are you hoping to generate interest in your new building before it is completed? Think of your new building as a giant billboard, by hanging a huge banner sign from your building. Potential clients will be drawn to your project from the other side of the city. Post your website address on the banner to create website traffic, spreading information about your building while it is still under construction.

bannersPromote Prices, Services, and Products

Do you have a special promotion you would like to advertise? Would you like to let people know about your exceptional prices? Are your potential customers aware of all of your services?

Even if your business location is small in size, a banner ad will attract attention from potential customers passing by on foot or on the road.

Let the world know that your prices and promotions mean business and you want the whole city to know about it. Create a banner ad that suits your budget and brings you business.

Banners Mean Business

Banners mean business and banners are our business! Stop by Westmount Signs and find out what we can do to help promote your business. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Ask them to help you with ideas and see how quickly your ideas can become reality. Having served the Kitchener-Waterloo area for many years, we know how to keep our customers happy.

Illuminated Signs in Guelph, Kitchener & Waterloo

Every business owner is looking for a sign that will light up their world! Illuminated signs accomplish that goal effectively, distinctively, and with your budget in mind.  Some of the more popular illuminated signs include illuminated monuments, illuminated pylons, illuminated cabinets,  illuminated push through acrylic, and illuminated channel letters. In addition, illuminated signs are needed especially in the winter when it gets dark at 5pm. If you are looking for illuminated signs experts in Guelph or the surrounding area, contact the experts at Westmount Signs.

Types of Illuminated Signs

Listed below are a selection of the types of illuminated signs we can design and build to your specifications. Keep in mind that our friendly and competent staff are trained to work with you every step of the way.

RoadtrekIlluminated Monument Signs

Our eye-catching and appealing internally illuminated monument signs are ideal for businesses that want to be noticed. The signs are custom designed and created to meet the needs of your business or organization.

They are durable in construction, versatile, easy to install, and cost-effective. In addition to being visible from a distance, these types of signs are also effective at conveying important information such as phone numbers, websites, and directions.

Snider Trim & DecoratingIlluminated Pylon Signs


Generally taller than monument signs, illuminated pylon signs stand with their head and shoulders above the crowd. These signs are a proven success story and one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business, day and night.

Long lasting and professional in appearance, these signs work well in plazas, malls, and stand alone businesses and offices. Firmly planted in the ground, they will direct traffic to business location with their classic appearance and timeless effectiveness.

KenzoIlluminated Sign Cabinets

Illuminated sign cabinets work well on your business location or in stand-alone cabinets. Usually constructed from acrylic, they can be constructed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to match the dimensions of your chosen location. The electrics in the interior are protected by a combination of materials including aluminium, plastic, vinyl, and acrylic. One of the most common sign choices, nevertheless, these sign cabinets can range from simple to sophisticated. Our team of sign experts will assist you in making the choice that best suits your needs.

SandvinePush Through Acrylic Illuminated Signs

Primarily constructed from an aluminium base with cutouts for acrylic lettering to push through, these types of signs stand out. Push through acrylic illuminated signs allow the letters to shine through the background, making them the focal point of the sign. These more subtle signs are perfect for business owners looking for a more sophisticated and distinctive appearance.

“Excellent work by the guys at Westmount Signs! Great service and attention to detail.

Highly Recommended!”

-Robert Carey,

Creative Director, Sandvine Incorporated.

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iShawarmaChannel Letter Illuminated Signs

An increasingly popular type of sign, illuminated channel letters create an impression that is both simple and memorable. The individual letters of your business name are created in a way that allows the light to shine through the lettering, creating striking, noticeable signs. Although relatively simple in design, the al

Business Meeting Room Signage Guide – Overview

For the final instalment of our series about business meeting room signs, we will overview the previous four instalments. If you wish to read the entire series, click the links towards the foot of the page. We recommend reading the entire series for maximum benefit. If you have any questions about signage, don’t hesitate to call us immediately.

Contact Us519-885-1400

Westmount Signs and Printing  347 Weber St. N, Waterloo, ON

bat caveBusiness Meeting Room Signage – The Best Place to Put Business Meeting Room Signs – Chapter 1

This post focuses on the best locations to place your business meeting room signage. The post covers not only the meeting room itself but also the places throughout your building where signs should be placed. These include:

  • Reception Hall
  • Way-Finding Signs
  • Business Meeting Room Door Signs
  • In-Room Signage

Prior to the list of locations, there is an introduction that explains why an organisation might need business meeting room signage. The key reason suggested is that  signage conveys either a positive or negative impression of your business to your visitors and your staff.

NorthviewBusiness Meeting Room Signage – Tips to Designing an Impressive Business Meeting Room Sign – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the series provides a series of tips that will prove useful to those businesses that are considering replacing their signs or creating new business meeting room signage. These tips include:

  • Tip #1 – Create Stand Out Signs
  • Tip #2 – Name Your Rooms
  • Tip #3 – Consider Your Corporate Culture

The first tip provides an example of a unique and stand-out sign that creates interest. The second tip points out the importance of naming your business meeting rooms in a way that makes sense for your organization. It also provides a few examples of how to theme your meeting room names. Tip #3 stresses the importance of creating meeting rooms that reflect your corporate culture in some way. For example, if you have a very formal corporate culture,  your room signs should probably reflect that. However, if you are cultivating an innovative or creative culture, then your signs should also be innovative and creative.

Business Meeting Room Signage – Ideas For How to Name a Meeting Room – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 in our series focuses closely on how to choose business meeting room names. Themes and ideas that are suggested include:

  • Pop Culture
  • Referencing Company History
  • Including Company Employees’ Ideas
  • References to Famous People
  • Naming Rooms After Specific Purposes

business meeting roomsThroughout the chapter we go into more detail about each theme or idea. The broad range of ideas should help a business owner to decide how to name the organisation’s business meeting rooms, and perhaps encourage other staff to be involved in the process.

Business Meeting Room Signage – How to Select the Best Supplier – Chapter 4

This post examines techniques for choosing the best business meeting room signage supplier for your business. A series of criteria are included, including:

  • Reliability
  • Job Quality and Price
  • Reputation for Superior Customer Service
  • Ability to Engage in Effective Teamwork
  • Identifying Specific Suppliers
  • Drawing Up a Supplier Shortlist
  • Community Activity

This helpful post provides assistance to businesses trying to determine the best process for finding a good signage provider. Although the post does not provide a chronological approach to determining the best supplier, it does consider many of the key factors to consider, and one or two less obvious ones.

“I have used Westmount Signs for all of my signage and printing and recommend them to anyone looking for great quality work, for good value, that is delivered with exceptional professionalism.”

-Dr. Rahima Hirji

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business meeting roomSummary

Hopefully, you will find this series of posts about business meeting room signage helpful and thought-provoking. The series should have provided you with some important ideas about how to decide which names to use, where to place them, and who to call for help. Westmount Signs has decades of experience in creating all types of signs for business owners in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph areas. Our team of professionals are equipped to provide the solutions to your business signage needs. Contact our team for advice on how you can begin your business sign project.

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Business Meeting Room Signage – How to select the best supplier – Chapter 4

For this installment in our continuing series entitled “Business Meeting Room Signage,” we look at how to select the best supplier. We believe the key factors to consider include: quality, reliability, value, reputation, customer service, and the teamwork approach. Click here for the first post in the series entitled, “Business Meeting Room Signage – The Best Place To Put Your Business Meeting Room Signs.”  Contact us at Westmount Signs for all your business signage needs.


What Should You Look For In a Supplier?

When it comes to looking for a supplier for any business product, there are some critical factors that should be present. Here we examine some of the following factors:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Value
  • A Good Reputation
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Teamwork Approach

business meeting room Are They Reliable?

Will they get the job done on time and as requested? It is one thing for a supplier to make a commitment to do what is requested, but another to get it done as requested and on schedule. Check to determine whether they have a record for reliability.

Do They Provide Top Quality at a Reasonable Price?

A great price is not so great if it is followed up with shoddy workmanship and poor quality. Can the supplier provide both a great price and a quality product? Ask to review their work. Can you visit one of their customers? Does their work meet the standards you require?

“From the initial meeting to the design of my signs to the final completion it was one of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with a company in my 18 years in business. If you need a company to trust that has your best interest in mind at all times call Simon and I promise you will not be disappointed.”

-A. Marks

More Testimonials

business meeting roomDo They Have a Good Reputation For Customer Service?

An unbelievably good price is often followed by poor customer service. Check out the potential supplier’s customer service. How do they fare on Google reviews? Are the listed with the Better Business Bureau? Westmount takes pride in having a 4.9 rating from 42 reviews.

Are They Capable of Working With You?

There is a difference between providing a service or product and working with your business in a team approach to make sure that the business relationship is what you need. At Westmount, our team of experts will walk with you through the entire process – from the initial design phase to the completion and installation of the signage project.

How To Identify Potential Suppliers

Finding a reputable and trustworthy supplier can be daunting.

  • Search the internet – for example, search “business signs Waterloo
  • Talk to your existing business partners – do your other suppliers have a recommendation?
  • Chamber of Commerce Directories – use local chamber of commerce directories for local suppliers
  • Trade associations – joining trade associations puts you in touch with potential suppliers
  • Social Media – such as Facebook, Twitter to check who is currently active

business meeting roomDraw Up A Shortlist Of Suppliers

Once you have identified a list of potential suppliers in your area, choose those that you believe are most likely to meet your specific requirements. Limit the possibilities to two and ideally no more than three potential suppliers. Visit each one to get a better understanding of their facilities and their philosophy of business.

Active In The Community

Did you know that Westmount Signs has a long record of being involved in the local community? We sponsor events and charities. In addition, we offer placements for youth from both home and abroad. This means that when you bring your business to Westmount Signs, you are also supporting the local community. Contact us at Westmount Signs if you need any type of signage.

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Supplier Selection Process

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