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Personal Customizable Gifts

Some of the best, most memorable surprises are personal customizable gifts. Did you know? According to two decades of research from the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the top calendar day for dining, followed by Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. If you really want to impress that special someone, here is a list of unique, personal customizable gifts that will stand above the rest. Remember: It’s the thought that counts.

Personalized Coasters

Two of the most popular types of customizable coasters are laser engraved or sublimated images. Have you ever wanted a picture of your family, pet, or vacation place on a coaster? Sublimation imprints a coloured photo or image directly into the coaster itself, while laser engraved coasters are perfect for patterns and text that are burned from wood and sealed with a varnish to protect from moisture. Sublimated coasters are flat while engraved wooden coasters have a 3-dimensional textured look.

Engraved Pens

A custom pen is one of the most personal and useful gifts that a person will use, reminding them of you. There are many different pens that you can have personalized. We recommend using a metal-based pen verses plastic as it gives a higher-quality aesthetic. Shiny is good.

Custom Cups & Mugs

We all know someone who can’t function without that first cup of coffee or tea. Customizing a cup or mug using sublimation ensures a long-lasting image. Sublimation embeds the photo or graphic into the surface itself, keeping it sharp wash after wash. Gift a mug that will remind them of you whenever they reach for it.

Pro Tip: If you’re not hand-washing, place the mug on the top rack of your dishwasher and as far away from the heating element as possible to preserve the image even longer.

Paper Gifts

Are you thinking of creating a custom Thank You card or wedding invitation? How about a one-of-a-kind box to hand out candy or chocolates? Lasering paper is one of the most elegant and visually stunning ways to have your gift stand out. Give a card or invitation that is personal and unique, something that would be remembered for its intricate details.

Engraved Wood Boards

Wood boards/charcuterie boards are one of the hottest trending gifts that wow an audience. Wood boards are a larger ticket item perfect as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, or house warming gift. These are often displayed with prominence or brought out on special occasions. We can engrave any pattern, text or shape that you want.

Westmount Laser Services and parent company Westmount Signs & Printing offer a variety of personal customizable gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. Let us know if you have any other ideas that weren’t mentioned above so we can start a dialogue and suggest how to make it happen.

Email us at or call us at 519-885-1400.

Benefits of Buying Local Printing

Support Local

What are the benefits of buying local printing? In today’s fast-paced world, more and more consumers and businesses are ordering supplies online. This can be great for ease of use at a click of a button, but can be frustrating when things don’t go as planned and you don’t get those crucial printed materials for the key event or promotion. There are a number of shortcomings that should be considered when ordering items online. Have your online orders arrived damaged or wasn’t what you expected? Were your menus or cards cut at the wrong size? Was the text too small to read? Did you ever have to pay return shipping costs because of an issue caused by the seller or online printer? Worst of all… did your order arrive late? The list of potential issues can go on including tactile connection of an item, quality check, shipping complications, and more.

Supporting local is especially important when the economy is hit by a devastating pandemic. As experts in the printing industry, Westmount Signs & Printing takes quality very seriously and strives to ensure that your design, colours, sizing, and a fast turnaround are of utmost importance. Unlike an online program taking your order and assuming you understand design and print theory, we’re only a phone call away to clarify and advise every step of the way. Digital won’t warn you when text is too small to read. It won’t tell you an image will be blurry when printed. Programs don’t know you’re a person. We care. Local cares. Here are some in-depth benefits of buying local printing:

Full Control over Colour and Style

Colour and Style

Colour and Style

When dealing with colours, it is often hard to properly display exactly what you are after, due to the different colour spaces. A colour on your computer screen would show up differently on someone else’s. Android devices, iPhones, computer monitors, tablets, different brands, they all display colours differently. This is where printing locally helps, as it allows you to have a printed proof made in the exact stock and colours you want. You are able to visually inspect in-person and ask for adjustments.

If you don’t have time for a physical printed sample, our expert printers can tell when something needs to be adjusted and make informed decisions with your approval. When printing through an online service, machines don’t know what to look for and, quite frankly, don’t care. Mindless programs will print whatever is provided. Who’s to blame for errors? Order local. We’re here to help.

Rush Orders and Same Day Turnaround

Rush Orders

Rush Orders

One of the major benefits of buying local printing is the ability to do same day or rush orders! Whether you need cards for a birthday the next day or opening a restaurant needing takeout flyers, we always do our best to get your rush jobs completed on time and with superlative quality. When ordering through a digital service, orders are often met with unforeseen shipping delays and hefty shipping costs. These online services never, ever, have your order ready within 48 hours, or even the same day.

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Having your branding stay consistent is incredibly important. At Westmount Signs & Printing we take this very seriously and apply design theory on every single project. We strive to ensure your brand stays coherent across all your designs, whether they were ordered now or a year ago.  When dealing with an online printing service, you’re often treated as a new customer each and every time, so there are no checks & balances taken towards your job. As your local print shop, we get to know you, understand you, and know you prefer that certain stock, that you need your colours to match previous orders – keeping your brand integrity. Check out our blog post about logos and branding if you want to learn more about brand theory – It plays a very, very crucial role in every business. We look good when you look good.

Custom Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design

Our team of Graphic Designers each have decades of experience and can make nearly any and every aesthetic possible. We offer full design services from basic file updates to 1-on-1 consultations, to ensure your thoughts can be accurately portrayed.  This is a great way to present a professional image across your business, making the process easier if you aren’t a designer yourself. When ordering from online services, you are often expected to be the designer, given limited tools, and left with “cookie cutter” templates, drowning your brand in a crowd of generic designs. Be unique. Stand out. We’re here to help.

These benefits are all vital things to consider, and reasons why it is important to shop local.  Transform your branding into a professional, attractive, and consistent look, while supporting your local business at the same time. For more information or to chat about printing or brand theory, give us a call.

We’re here to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us

A Quick Guide to Menu Printing Materials

Here’s a quick guide to Menu Printing Materials. There are various kinds of stock—whatever you choose, your menu should be a reflection of your restaurant. Your exterior sign makes the first impression but your menu will do the talking.  Something to consider when planning out your menu is your online presence. Sharing your menu online to showcase your food is a great way to attract hungry customers.

Below are some of the different styles commonly used for various restaurant types (lowest price first). And remember: Westmount Signs & Printing has a team of Graphic Design professionals who can create or revamp your menu if you need help.

Gloss Text

Gloss Text

Gloss Text

This is one of the most common styles of menus which you’ve likely received in the mail. Choose gloss text stock for take-out menus, single-page menus, or for smaller restaurant venues. Although lower in cost, you still get a high-quality paper with a glossy finish to show off your menu. Recommended for one-time use and restaurants that change their menu regularly. Add a coupon if you’re planning to advertise via mail.




This type of menu can add a higher perception of value, adding to the ambiance of a high-end restaurant.  Furthermore, an uncoated finish gives off a textured feel adding a more rustic impression. Since linen stocks aren’t easily cleaned, they are often displayed in a holder to protect the surface from handprints. This is seen more commonly in a fancier dining setting and restaurants that change their menus regularly. The uncoated 100% recycled option is great for a more environmentally friendly approach.

Gloss Laminated

Gloss Laminated

Gloss Laminated

Highly durable and recommended for busy restaurants. This option is ideal for colourful menus with lots of photos and/or images, as the gloss adds vibrancy to make it stand out! Other benefits to having a laminated menu is its durability and cleanliness. This is especially important during COVID-19, a time when menus often need wiping. We recommend these for businesses looking for a durable, long lasting menu with a shiny finish.

Synthetic Menus

Synthetic Menus

Synthetic Menus

Have a look at our synthetic ‘paper’ stock for a very unique aesthetic. Its tear resistant, highly water resistant, and has a matte finish! Synthetic menus are a great choice for its durability making them great for a long-lasting menus that rarely change. With no additional finishes or laminates applied, this type of menu can be turned around quickly for busy restaurants. It offers a sleek, durable, and easy-to-clean menu.


With these different styles of Menu Printing Materials, you have many options for your business. If you’re unsure which menu may be best suited for you, we have numerous physical samples available to be seen and touched. For further information or to make an appointment to observe our physical stock, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us



Logos & Branding – A Business Essential

Logos & Branding

Logos & Branding is a business essential. It’s the very first thing your customers see, from your physical surroundings such as restaurant signage and business cards, to digital marketing such as websites and social media channels. This is known as your corporate identity. Through images, colours and typography, a strong brand is what defines a confident business, be it large or small


Examples of Logos We’ve Designed

Logos by Westmount Signs & Printing

Logos by Westmount Signs & Printing

We at Westmount Signs & Printing work with brands every day on almost every project. From local companies here in Kitchener Waterloo such as The Culinary Studio and Sage Naturopathic Clinic, to larger more global businesses such as Colliers International and Subway Restaurants. With such a diverse portfolio, it’s imperative that we shed light on a common oversight by numerous customers, regardless of business size: We often receive flattened, low-resolution “rasterized” logo files. Most low resolution files are saved for internet applications, such as a JPEG, PNG or GIF. But in the sign and printing world, high resolution or “vector” files are superlative in every way and are essential for production. These are commonly saved as AI, EPS, or SVG files. But what’s the difference between vector and rasterized logos? Join us as we explore the process of working with, and creating, a successful logo and brand…

Vector vs Raster Files

Vector vs Raster Files

Vector vs Raster Files

A raster file, such as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG is a group of pixels that form an image. The more you stretch them the blockier, or more pixelated, they get. Vector graphics are composed of paths/lines between points that form an image. Therefore if you stretch a vector file, the points keep their position and a crisp image is displayed.

All photographs are raster files. A JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), PNG (Portable Network Graphic), or GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are absolute giveaways. An easy way to differentiate the type of image is to simply zoom-in or stretch the file to see if there is any loss of quality. Or, simply Contact Us and we’ll let you know if your file is a vector.



It’s fairly common that we’re asked to re-create or even re-design an image to work as a vector, and it would be our pleasure. As sign and printing experts, our Graphic Design team encourages the use of vector logos to maximize production quality. Common vector files are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). You should always have your vector logo at the ready. Your corporate identity depends on it.

Horizontal & Stacked Logos

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Have you noticed that many successful brands have multiple versions of their logo? Check out these two examples from Domino’s Pizza. It is crucial that you have a horizontal and stacked/vertical version of your logo to be used when needed. For example, it is quite common for shopping plazas to have a horizontal space for each tenant fascia or storefront. We would use the horizontal version of a logo. But what if you wanted your logo maximized on a vertical poster? It would be best to use the stacked version. When designing your logo here at Westmount Signs & Printing, we provide you with all versions at no additional cost. It’s important to have a well-developed logo, and providing you with a complete package is fundamental.


Logos MUST work in Black & White

1001 Nights Shawarma

1001 Nights Shawarma

If a logo doesn’t work in black and white, colour will never save it. Did you also know that blue and green share the same tone when converted to grey? Your logo will be passed around offices, invoices, photocopiers and the like. If these processes are in black and white, your logo needs to be recognizable. Gradients, shadow effects and frills never successfully augment a logo.

This is especially true in the sign and printing industry due to the nature of gradients. These must be printed on vinyl rather than use a coloured material itself, which is preferred and far more confident. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to fully match a gradient in real life due to the direction and rate of colour. Most sign companies use techniques to trick the eye in order to recreate a gradient effect, but it’s not ideal.

1001 Nights Shawarma

1001 Nights Shawarma

1001 Nights Shawarma

1001 Nights Shawarma

As design experts we take colour theory very seriously. Logos are always designed to work in black and white before brand colour is added or defined.


Shape or Floating


Do you want your logo in a shape or floating in space? The Home Depot logo is in a square, while the Canadian Tire logo is in a triangle. However, the Walmart logo is floating in space. The style of your logo is purely aesthetic and up to personal preference. The main difference is that logos that use a shape can also be used as a symbol, whereas floating logos often have the symbol on the side.

The Symbol

Nike Shoes

Nike Shoes



After you’ve established the logo, your brand symbol can be introduced. Taking the above example, Walmart’s symbol is the yellow image to the right of the name. Or, another great example is the Nike logo. Take away the word “Nike” and what remains is the “Swoosh”. This is the next step in brand recognition and a useful tool when a quick visual is all that’s needed. Common uses for your symbol are your website favicon or smartphone apps, package design or merchandise, and your business profile picture on Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Keep in mind that brands like Microsoft and Apple spent billions of dollars in advertising to build equity into their brand, so that their clients recognize their symbol. When starting a company we strongly recommend creating a clean logo with a clear name. Refrain from just applying a symbol on its own until your brand gains momentum.

Brand Colours

McDonald's Colours

McDonald’s Colours



Every successful brand has a tier list of primary and secondary colours. The primary colours are often shared with the logo itself, while the secondary colours are complementary. These are used for your website and social media, booklets and menus, and even wall paint colour. McDonald’s primary colours are Red (hunger) and Yellow (speed). In 2016 they introduced an assortment of secondary colours in their quest to modernize themselves as a café rather than a fast-food chain. They introduced green and other organic colors to convey fresh, healthy foods.

Brand Fonts

Font is just as important given that typography literally communicates to your customers, and the style of the font conveys the tone of your business. Similar to your colour palette, you would have primary and secondary fonts used in titles, headers or captions, and body text. These are found everywhere from channel letters to flyers, window graphics to tradeshow banners.

Font Matters

Font Matters

Your primary font is normally used in the logo itself. It is imperative that your choice of font be easily recognizable as some of the world’s most famous fonts have thus been characterized, such as the logos for Disney and Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park. Switch the fonts and you’ll have a clear understanding of just how successful they’ve been able to shape our perception of their brands.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters

When designing a logo, it’s important to keep future applications in mind. It may look great on a computer screen, but can you hold it in your hand? A common oversight with logo design is the thickness of font, or lack thereof. When creating physical signage, the material must be capable of bending and shaped into every letter and image, with ample space for lights, welding, mounting, etc. When creating channel letters, we encourage a minimum thickness of 2” for every shape in order to create a minimum of 3” deep can. Objects that come to a sharp point are generally rounded (an industry standard) which gives the illusion of a pointed edge from a distance.

When designing your logos and branding here at Westmount Signs & Printing, we understand the importance of colour and font choices. With our help, we’ll develop your brand to stand confidently on its own. Colour theory and typography are in our blood.

When is it time to Re-brand?

Sweet & Savoury Pie Company


Sweet & Savoury Pie Company


There are numerous reasons for re-branding. Some of the most common cases include new ownership (distancing from previous look), reaching a major milestone (commemorative), or to modernize an already established brand (evolution). Observe this before and after comparison we designed for Sweet & Savoury Pie Company in Kitchener. The owners wanted something modern and clean.

Are you ready to grow? Contact Us today and request a free consultation with one of our Graphic Designers. Most importantly, re-branding with us is the first step to building a beautiful relationship…

Building a Relationship with Westmount Signs & Printing

Branding for Korner Kitchen

Branding for Korner Kitchen

When designing your logo and brand, we develop a bond with you and your corporate identity. Unlike other studios, we have a diverse team of specialists that shape our one-stop-shop. Having multiple businesses produce your signage, printing, and even digital marketing, would require you to explain your brand again and again, assuming they eventually understand your corporate look. Think of us as a Swiss Army Knife, able to handle all the above and more. Our team and technology produces signage, digital printing, laser engraving, clothing sublimation, electrical, installation, maintenance, graphic design, just to name a few. We are the best equipped to support your brand, and most importantly, understand your identity since it was developed here at our studio. Feel confident knowing that your baby is cared for by those who were there from the start.

For more information or to chat about Logos & Branding, give us a call.

We’re here to help: 519-885-1400 / Email Us

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

'Ow You Doin?

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics are an everyday commodity here at Westmount Signs & Printing. We have a consistent flow of orders from Kitchener, Waterloo, and all over Ontario, ranging from large to small stickers, for business or home use. But before we dive into the different types of uses, let’s clarify an age old conundrum that’s as confusing as which way toilet paper should be hung…

The Difference between Stickers & Decals

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics


Stickers are any form of adhesive graphic, at any size, and for any surface. Therefore window vinyl is considered a sticker, as are those brand logos you commonly see on a musician’s carry case. Stickers can be permanent or temporary.

Did you know decals ARE stickers, but not all stickers are decals?

A decal (often pronounced “DEK-ul” in Canada or “DEE-Cal” in other parts of the world) is a decorative sticker generally used outdoors such as on a car or truck. Decal (short for Decalcomania) originated from France and is the process of transferring images to glass or porcelain. It’s evolved since and is now widely produced as low-tack graphics able to transfer from any surface to another. Therefore decals are a kind of outdoor sticker. And in case you’re wondering, the correct phonetic way of saying Decal is “Dé-Cal”, though no one really says that, do they?


Stickers for your Store, Restaurant, or Office

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Floor Stickers

Branding is one of the most important front-line essentials for every business. Stickers & Vinyl Graphics are literally everywhere. Take a look around you. From jar labels to logos on computers, our lives are covered in them. In a business setting they’re everywhere from hours of operation on a window to giveaways at tradeshows. We make custom stickers with your logo, slogan, and graphics to really stand out. The goal of branding is to constantly remind your potential customers that you exist and are relevant to their wants and needs. Check out these floor stickers we produced for KW Humane Society to promote Physical Distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the latest Sticker & Vinyl trends is to give away branded Thank You stickers asking for a 5 Star Google Review. Give these to your happy customers. It’s common for unhappy customers to leave negative feedback because they have incentive to do so. People rarely leave positive feedback, so stickers are a fantastic opportunity to remind them as they leave.

Vehicle Graphics

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Wrap

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

If you ever pass by our Waterloo office, you may spot fancy vehicles come and go as we have a constant demand for vehicle graphics (full graphics are also known as vehicle wraps). Driving your business car, van, or truck around with your branding is advertising on the go, constantly reminding people who you are and what you do.

Want something for your personal vehicle? We hear you, and ARE one of you! From family stick figures to full on Fast & Furious racing stripes, we’d make Vin Diesel proud.

Have an idea? Let our team of Graphic Designers inspire by creating a mock up for you. Your vehicle is a canvas, a cry for attention… an opportunity. Drive in style.

Custom Stickers to Decorate

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Wall Vinyl Graphics

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Nursery Wall Vinyl Graphics

Home is where you hang your hat. Imagine custom wallpaper of your last visit to China, or your favourite poem above your computer desk. Decorate the nursery or your man cave with your favourite Disney cartoon or posters. Label your bottles and jars with fancy names and ingredients. Your walls, mirrors, doors and windows are all canvases to shape with your own identity. A comfortable home is a happy home. Together, let’s make that happen.

Shape and Style, Clear or Opaque, Matte or Glossy

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Wall Vinyl Graphics

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Window Vinyl Graphics

As sign and printing experts, we have the tools to bring any graphic to life. Our equipment can cut your custom Stickers & Vinyl Graphics into any shape, large or small, on material durable in various weather conditions. Some graphics are incredibly complex, and if they have sharp edges or holes we suggest stickers with a clear rounded border to protect its corners from peeling. We offer both Matte and Glossy substrates along with many other styles such as reflective vinyl or magnets. Let us know where your stickers are being applied to and we’ll recommend the best material for your project.

Quantity & Preparation

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

Roll of Stickers

Stickers & Vinyl Graphics


A common question is if there are a minimum or maximum number of Stickers & Vinyl Graphics you can order. We can produce a single sticker or several thousand for you; simply let us know how you’d like them prepared. For example, teachers may want their stickers in sheets to fit into student binders. Restaurants may want their stickers on rolls to quickly apply on every takeout bag. The Mayor may want individual stickers to hand out to potential supporters for the next election. The choice is yours, and we’re ready.

Delivery & Installation outside Kitchener Waterloo

If you’re our neighbour in Guelph or Cambridge, an hour away in Mississauga or London, or across Canada in BC, we can ship your stickers anywhere in the world. Contact us today for installation options for locations outside of Ontario. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate.

For more information or to chat about Stickers & Vinyl Graphics, give us a call.

We’re here to help:   519-885-1400 / Email Us

Marketing During & After COVID-19

Marketing During and After COVID-19. Business as usual won’t be the same for a while, that’s for sure. We will all need to adapt to the new realities and continuation of social and physical distancing. You will need to prepare your business for the road ahead and our team can help. We offer a wide variety of services here at Westmount Signs & Printing, such as graphic design, web design, signage and printing.  Here is how we can help:

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Morty's Pub Curbside

Morty’s Pub Curbside

Curbside Pick-Up Signs

Curbside signs are useful as they provide your customers with instructions when they arrive to pick up their order. Typically these signs are placed in front of a parking space and have a specific number which will coincide with the order number. Customers can drive up and pop the trunk, where you then place the order inside, and off they go.

You can order temporary coroplast signs to attach on an existing fence or post. Aluminum signs or a-frames are also an option depending on the layout of your parking lot and how long you want the signs to last for. Check out what Morty’s Pub is offering for their Takeout Curbside Pickup.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Posters & Window Graphics

Don’t underestimate the power of window graphics. Utilize this space for your business with posters or vinyl to let your customers know you are open or operating under reduced capacity. These graphics can also promote your business to new clients too!  Learn More

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Banners


Temporary Banners & Lawn Signs

Use Banners or Lawn Signs to let your customers know that your business is open. They are a great cost-effective way to promote what you have to offer! You can also include delivery app info and your phone number.


Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Safety Shields

Safety Shields

Custom Safety Shields

Safety shields are a great way to provide a clear barrier between your employees and customers. This critical accessory can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your needs and counter space. This will be a common item every business will need when they re-open soon. Demand will be high and material will be in short supply so Contact Us immediately for more information.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Stickers


Safety Seal Stickers

You can use sleek branded logo stickers as tamper-proof safety seals when offering take-out or delivery. These low cost options will give your customers peace of mind and encourage them to come back for more! Contact Us now and lets get started on your stickers.

Marketing During and After COVID-19 - Printing


Short-Run Printing

Don’t forget about your printed materials to promote your re-opened business! Sending out “we’re open” postcards to your surrounding local community is a great way to get the word out. Include a coupon to encourage them to act and support your business.


For more information or to chat about your options regarding Marketing During and After COVID-19, give us a call. We are here to help. We look good, when you look good!

Neon vs LED Signs – Which Should You Choose?

Are you looking to invest in a new sign for your business and you’re not sure which type to choose? Two of the more popular choices are Neon and LED signs. But which is the better choice? Here is a comparison of these two eye catching sign lighting choices. Based on six different categories. The categories are purchase price, power usage, maintenance, safety, brightness, and accessibility.


Email: Phone: 519-885-1400

If you are in the market for a new sign, contact us at Westmount Signs and speak with our friendly staff. We will help you design the perfect sign for your needs.

Neon Vs LED Signs

The following is a more detailed analysis of the differences between neon and LED signs. Read our blog post entitled The Effectiveness of LED Lighting for Signs to learn more about the advantages of LED lighting.

1. Purchase Price

Neon Vs LED Signs

The initial pricing of neon and LED lights is comparable, although LED signs may be slightly cheaper. The prices will vary depending on the size and style of your choice. There are also fewer neon sign suppliers because of a significant decrease in demand so it may be harder to source a good supplier within a close proximity to your business.

2. Power Usage

Neon signs have improved their power consumption recently but they  still use higher voltage than LED signs, which are safer to work with.

3. Maintenance

LED signs are almost maintenance free and have dramatically lower running costs. Neon signs require more maintenance, especially in a colder climate where ice and snow elements factor into the equation. A trained professional is also required to attend to maintenance issues, which can incur further costs.

4. Safety

Neon signs use high voltage and use real glass tubing so there is always the potential for breakage and will require special treatment for disposal.  LED’s are shock proof and have very little heat emitted, which makes them absolutely safe to use. LED signs also do not contain detrimental materials like mercury or phosphor.

5. Brightness

image of the interior swatch channel letter sign

Neon signs have a warmer, more aesthetically pleasing light than LED signs. On the other hand, LED lights are brighter and can be seen from a greater distance.

6. Accessibility

Neon signs can come in many colours and is flexible in design. They are reliable and can operate 24 hours a day to better serve your business. LED signs can be easily controlled by wireless modem & remote control. LED signs are also a newer technology and they are increasing in popularity.

Westmount Signs & Printing Can Help You Create Your Perfect Sign!

Choosing which type of sign you want is a big decision; let the qualified staff at Westmount Signs & Printing step you through the selection process. If you would like your older lighting technology converted to the most modern LED lighting, come speak to the experts at Westmount Signs & Printing. We have the know-how, the latest equipment, and the experience to help make creating a new sign for your business a breeze. If you already have LED fixtures, our trained technicians can service and maintain them even if we didn’t install them. We have our own aerial lifts which make the installation and maintenance easy, even in those hard to reach spots.

Albert Schmidt

Thanks for Helping Make Us More Visible

“Westmount Signs provides great products for our business marketing campaigns. We describe what we want and they provide all the options so we can get the best fit for our needs. Better yet, they make sure our purchases are installed properly. We’ll certainly be using Westmount Signs again in the future. Thanks for helping make us more visible!”

Albert SchmidtPartner, Erb and Erb Insureance Brokers Ltd.
Read more testimonials.

Brochure Printing in Kitchener Waterloo

If you are looking for brochure printing in Kitchener Waterloo, look no further than Westmount Signs & Printing. There are many different types of brochures, each having a unique purpose. Let’s discuss what a brochure is, why you should use them, and outline some common fold styles available.



Contact us at Westmount Signs & Printing and let our team help you decide which style would best meet your particular needs.

What Are Brochures And Why Do I Need Them?brochure

According to, a brochure is a “publication consisting of one folded page, or several pages stitched together but not bound. Used mainly for advertising purposes.”  

With mobile designed websites becoming the standard, more and more people are starting to wonder if brochures are still necessary? Brochures are still very significant, as they are an excellent way to inform, instruct, and market your business. They are an immediate source of reference and an offline marketing tool which can quickly be picked up to identify the products or services available.

Types Of Brochure Folds

There are several factors which will influence you when selecting a brochure fold style. These include budget, target audience, purpose, and more. Our designers can guide you through the selection process while providing advice in regards to sizing, graphics, colour, paper options, and finishes. To get you started, here are some of the most commonly used fold styles.

1. Half-Fold Design

A half-fold design brochure is great to use if you want to highlight one or two products or services.

  • Includes a single fold with four panels
  • Each panel is large and is a great showcase for images

2. Tri-Fold Design

The tri-fold design allows you to include more information about your products and services than the half-fold design.

  • Includes two folds with six panels
  • Front panel usually contains the company logo and tag line
  • Back panel usually contains contact details

3.  Gate-Fold Design

The gate-fold design are well-suited for brochures with lots of graphics. Elements on the opening two panels should entice a view to ‘open’ the folds.

  • Includes two folds with 4 narrower and 2 wider panels
  • Narrow panels open up to highlight a centre panel

4. Z-Fold Design

The Z-fold design is a variation of the tri-fold design. It allows for the information to be navigated in a different way.

  • Includes two folds with six panels
  • Opens in a ‘Z’ or accordion pattern

5. Booklets

Booklets are multiple half-fold brochures stitched together.

  • Contain vast amounts of information / graphics
  • Kept longer by customers than other brochure types

More Custom Design Printing Solutions

In addition to helping you create an amazing brochure, our graphic design team is available to help you create other custom design printing solutions. These include:

Our custom printing projects use the latest technology available in digital printing. The professionals at Westmount Signs & Printing can guide you through the selection process to choose the most effective combination of paper, finishing, and binding you require.

Marci Matecjek

Check Them Out First!

I have been using Westmount Signs for all my business needs since I opened up in 2012. They are always extremely helpful and go the extra mile to deliver what I need.

Marci MatecjekOwner, Uptown Beauty Lounge
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101 Things You Should Bring To A Trade Show

A trade show is an excellent place to get your business noticed. From choosing eye-catching trade show banners to selecting printed materials for customers to take away, the planning behind your booth can be a daunting task. Our team are experts at helping you look professional and get the visibility that you deserve. Since there are so many small but also important things that you need to remember to take with you to a trade show, we have created a checklist that will help you prepare your display and maximize your exhibit’s effectiveness.

Please download the checklist below.

Download the Checklist

Items to Bring to a Trade Show

Trade Show Banners / Signage:

Trade show banners are the easiest and most effective way for you to stand out from your competitors at a trade show. You only get a split second to make a positive impression on your target audience…make it count!  When designing your booth consider the space you have available and the decor you plan to incorporate. You might need a horizontal banner, retractable banner, table top banner or all three. Our experienced graphic designers know exactly how to make your brand look sleek and professional.

1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Foamboard
4. Banner Stands
5. Custom Graphics
6. Company logos


Printed Materials / Promotional Items:

In addition to your signs, you should also have printed and promotional items available in your booth. Our team can provide you with all the printed promotional materials you may require.

7. Business cards
8. Brochures
9. Postcards
10. Spec Sheets
11. Press Kits
12. Envelopes
13. Name Tags and Lanyards
14. Company Branded Bags
15. Gift Certificates
16. Coupons
17. T-shirts
18. Stickers
19. Buttons
20. Candy Dish and Candies
21. VIP Giveaways
22. Contest Ballot Box
23. Contest Ballots
24. Contest Pencils

Office Supplies:

You can never be too prepared. Trade show venues are often located on the outskirts of a city and far from convenient shopping. Don’t waste your valuable time running out for something you forgot.

25. Adhesive Tape (Clear)
26. Batteries
27. Business Card Holders
28. Brochure Stands
29. Sales Lead Planner
30. Highlighters
31. Markers
32. Company Branded Pens
33. Company Branded Notepads
34. Scissors
35. Zip-lock Baggies – store sample food for later
36. Stapler with Staples
37. Shower Hooks to Hang Signs
38. Table Cloth
39. Company Branded Table Skirting

Cleaning Supplies:

You don’t know what state you will find your booth in when you arrive after the previous day’s activities. Make sure you have everything you need to make it clean and presentable.

40. Vacuum
41. Carpet Cleaner
42. Glass Cleaner
43. “Goo-Gone” Cleaner
44. Disposable Wipes
45. Garbage Pail – can cost $25 to rent at a trade show!
46. Garbage Bags

Tool Kit for Setup / Repairs:

Be prepared so that your set-up runs smoothly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without the tools you require to make your booth look good. Also, things can break when you least expect it, so it is better to have everything you need for any quick fixes.

47. Safety Footwear
48. Double-sided Adhesive Tape
49. Spray Adhesive
50. Glue
51. Carpet Tape
52. Velcro
53. Bungee Cords
54. Twist Ties / Zip Ties
55. Ruler / Tape Measure
56. Cordless Drill
57. Screw Bit Set
58. Handheld Screwdrivers
59. Screws, Nuts, Bolts
60. Plastic Shrink Wrap
61. Hammer
62. Nails
63. Exacto-Knife
64. Putty Knives / Scrapers
65. Electrical Tester for 120V – electrocution hurts


Standing in your booth talking to attendees for long periods of time can be challenging but don’t be in a position where you have to leave in the middle of the show and possibly miss out on a great lead.

66. Comfortable Shoes
67. Antiseptic Hand Cleaner
68. First Aid Kit (Bandages & Acetaminophen)
69. Antacid Medicine – for the inevitable hangover
70. Facial Tissues
71. Lip Balm
72. Breath Mints
73. Spare Deodorant
74. Mirror
75. Healthy Snacks (Water, Health Bars, Nuts)
76. Stain Remover
77. Sewing Kit


Make sure you have all the equipment necessary to make your best presentation. There’s nothing worse than having your battery die when you need it most.


78. Lights
79. Camera / Video Camera
80. Presentation Laptop with Power Supply
81. Tablet Display Unit(s)
82. Computer Monitor(s) / TV(s)
83. Internet Hub / Stick
84. USB Memory Stick
85. Outdoor Power Generator
86. Extension Cords
87. Power Bars
88. Cell Phone Chargers
89. Mini-Refrigerator


Make your booth stand out from the crowd with matching furniture and decor items. It also adds comfort to the attendees visiting your booth.

90. Company Branded Carpet
91. Company Branded Chairs
92. Tables
93. Display Shelves


A trade show binder should include the important documents.

94. Trade Show Contract
95. Floor Plan
96. Contest Rules
97. Budget Information
98. Utility Maps / Sketches
99. Cell Phone Numbers
100. Important Contact Information
101. Petty Cash

Banners Bring Business

Attractive trade show banners are possibly the most important assets a company can have at a trade show, but it doesn’t stop there. Ensure you are completely prepared by following our helpful checklist. Stop by Westmount Signs & Printing to find out how we can help you design an awesome booth to help promote your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have served the Kitchener-Waterloo area for many years, and we know how to keep our customers happy.

Envelope Printing in Kitchener Waterloo

Westmount Signs & Printing is pleased to announce the recent installation of a Digital Multi-Media Print System. This new print system allows for the production of full colour envelopes and carbonless forms. If you are looking for envelope printing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph, contact us at Westmount Signs.


Email: Phone: 519-885-1400

What the Digital Printer Does

The new Digital Multi-Media Print System can take care of all your envelope printing needs. No matter the size, this new printer can handle envelopes from smaller A2s and invitation style sizes to the standard #10s and all the way to large 9 x 12 envelopes. Your graphics can wrap around the envelope onto the back flap increasing the likelihood of recipients to open and read its contents. Westmount Signs & Printing can add your variable data, allowing for the printing of the recipients’ address directly onto the envelopes. Below are some standard envelop sizes and some of their uses.

Types of Envelopes to Print

image of The New Digital Multi-Media Print System Busy Printing Envelopes at Westmount Signs & Printing

The New Digital Multi-Media Print System Busy Printing Envelopes at Westmount Signs & Printing

  • #10 Envelopes and #10 Window Envelopes
    These are the standard envelopes that we all use on a regular basis. They are used to send information sheets, brochures, invoices, etc. There isn’t a lot of real estate on these envelopes, but adding some colour on the front that carries over to the back flap is an excellent way to highlight your business.
  • 6 x 9 Envelopes
    The 6 x 9 envelopes come in both a booklet style, which opens on the long edge, and a catalog style, which opens on the short end. This is a perfect size envelope for a larger greeting card and is commonly used for half size catalogs and booklets.
  • 9 x 12 Booklet Envelopes
    Double the size of the 6 x 9, this is the perfect choice to transport full colour catalogs, product sheets and spec sheets.
  • ‘A’ Size Envelopes
    Announcement envelopes, also called A-style come in six different sizes; they are: A-2, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9, and A-10. These popular sizes are ideal for stationery, photographs, greeting cards, small booklets, and much more.
  • Remittance and Offering Envelopes
    Whether used by a church, non-profit organization or fundraising group, these are great envelopes to reach out to your chosen group. Many of these envelopes feature full “flaps” that cover all the contributors’ private information.

Marci Matecjek

Check Them Out First!

I have been using Westmount Signs for all my business needs since I opened up in 2012. They are always extremely helpful and go the extra mile to deliver what I need.

Marci MatecjekOwner, Uptown Beauty Lounge
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Westmount and Envelope Printing

image of the Envelope Printing for the Heimbecker Mortgage Group

Envelope Printing for the Heimbecker Mortgage Group

Don’t let the opportunity to advertise, inform and interest your customers slip away. With some extra attention to the design and colours, you will catch your recipients’ attention and they’ll be eager to open that envelope. It may be the difference between landing a new customer or your marketing materials ending up in the trash. Our friendly and professionally trained staff are capable of meeting all your envelope printing needs. We can design the graphics for your logo, or you can use your own graphics. In addition, we can take care of printing the documents that are being mailed.

Why Use Westmount Signs for your Printing Needs

image of the postcards for Millstream Foods

Postcards for Millstream Foods

Westmount Signs & Printing provides a broad range of affordable printing services in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We are dedicated to providing the region with quality services for all sizes of businesses. Our turnaround times are exceptionally quick, so you can be confident that you will receive your completed project the way that you expected it to be, in a timely manner.

In addition to printing, we offer exterior and interior signs, sign maintenance and installation services, and vehicle graphics. If you have any questions about your marketing projects, call us at 519-885-1400 or connect with us by email at